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Professional Flood Damage Restoration Services for Residents of Springdale

11/16/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Professional Flood Damage Restoration Services for Residents of Springdale SERVPRO offers emergency restoration services 24/7 to quickly begin the remediation process after a storm.

Let SERVPRO Assess Storm Damage Before Discarding Damaged Items

There is every possibility that as a resident of Springdale you might end up making a mistake after experiencing flood damage. Remember, you are not experienced in restoration matters and making some decisions may be beyond you, and that means encountering unnecessary losses might be the outcome. We are here to guide on how to avoid such mistakes during that crucial moment.

The professional restoration services offered in Springdale are meant to put your business or home back together after experiencing a flood damage incident. When a service provider like SERVPRO is offering the restoration services, expect the following: repair of your structure, thorough cleaning, final inspections, removing all the equipment from the work site as well as putting your contents back in place.

In some cases, you might think your carpet is ruined and decide to discard it. Always avoid making such decisions unless they have been approved by trained experts. What you might consider not useful might be restored by SERVPRO technicians by using specific procedures. For instance, an expert can use an adjuster to verify whether restoration of your wet carpet is possible or not.

With the help of a moisture sensor, trained experts can let you know the amount of moisture in your soft materials. The device has sharp probes which penetrate through pads and carpets and indicate how far the water has reached. Whenever it detects moisture, its light blinks and the sensor beeps.

Using air movement equipment can increase the speed of evaporation. Dehumidification equipment can also speed drying by removing any existing water vapor from the air. If the damage took place in your business premise, your customers and employees are exposed to injury and as a result safety equipment is recommended by trained experts.

Our professional technicians at SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale offer emergency restoration services on a 24-hour basis. Call us at (479) 419-5544 to know your different options.  

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Why You Need Professional Help in Eliminating Odors After Fire Damage in Fayetteville

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Why You Need Professional Help in Eliminating Odors After Fire Damage in Fayetteville Fires can leave behind a lingering odor, SERVPRO has a three phase process to rid your home of the smells.

Three Phases to Eliminate Odors Left Behind by Fire Damage

Getting rid of the smoky odor from a fire damaged home can be a tough challenge. The smell of smoke and burnt material can linger on long after the fire damage to your Fayetteville home. Although you can take steps to minimize the odor, it is best to leave this job to the expert professionals.

Fire damage to your Fayetteville home can have you smelling smoke for days after the incidence. Many factors can make it difficult to get rid of the odor entirely and eliminating it is achieved through a multi-phasic strategy.

Heightened Awareness to Smell

Your perception of the scent is heightened if you know that the property was damaged in a fire. If you are aware of the fire damage, you tend to perceive the odors more intensely. It can pose a big problem in eliminating them entirely.

Furthermore, high temperature and humidity can also increase your perception of smell. So, eliminating the odors requires implementation of multiple techniques to counter this effect. That is why, here at SERVPRO, we employ various state-of-the-art techniques to remove the odors.

Multi-Phase Odor cCntrol 

SERVPRO experts use a multiple phase odor eliminating strategy to get rid of the smells as entirely as possible.

Phase 1: The first stage is to contain the odor at the source. A chemical counteractant is sprayed on the charred surfaces to prevent the vaporization of the odor molecules. It creates a barrier between the air and the source of the odor and prevents the odor molecules from vaporizing. SERVPRO uses professional grade odor counteractant in this process.

Phase 2: The second step deals with combating the odor molecules that are already in the air. Strong deodorant vapors are sprayed to neutralize the odor-causing particles in the air.

Phase 3: In this stage, a thermal fogger is utilized to spray solvent-based deodorizers. As the thermal fogger uses heat to dissipate the deodorant, it can reach everywhere the smoke may have entered and combat the odors at the source.

These three phases ensure that the odor is entirely and efficiently eliminated.

Call SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale at (479) 419 5544 to schedule an inspection today. Our experts are eager to help you devise a strategy to eliminate the odor from your fire-damaged home as efficiently as possible. 

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Water Damage Detection and Mitigation Equipment for Fayetteville Properties

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Detection and Mitigation Equipment for Fayetteville Properties Squeegees for Tile and Wet Vacs for Carpets Are in the SERVPRO Inventory for Water Removal in Fayetteville

SERVPRO's Inventory of Products, Gear, and Skilled Technicians Handles and Mitigates Damages

Water damage to Fayetteville homes is often not a matter of if, but when. That is because every home is naturally vulnerable to this risk. The likelihood of a burst pipe, faulty faucet, neglect, or flooding is ever present. Appropriate tools and equipment are necessary to detect, remove the water, and mitigate damages.

The skilled and IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians have the capability of restoring water damaged Fayetteville homes, always striving to salvage the components of the structure. The first line of defense is the detection of the water. We have moisture meters and sensors and infrared camera systems to detect even small amounts of hidden moisture within wall cavities and other isolated areas.
We use our deodorizing equipment and cleaning products to restore a pleasant smell to a previously foul-odor area. Stagnant water can be a significant source of odors. We can use thermal foggers, air scrubbers, and other devices for deodorizing.
SERVPRO's extraction equipment is deployed to suction water and moisture from building elements, furnishings, and belongings. Some of our inventory includes wet-vacs, submersible pumps, and truck-mounted extractors. Various wands and attachments enhance the efficacy of the water removal.
Carpets are by far some of the more vulnerable items at risk of water damage. This is due to their highly absorbent nature, laminated layers susceptible to separating, and weakening of the fibers. Typically, in non-flooding events carpets can be salvaged, but it may be more economically feasible to toss the padding. The use of lifting the edges and "floating" the carpets with forced, injected air from air movers expedites the drying process and can help to restore the water damaged flooring material, and not replace it.
Count on us, SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale to efficiently detect and mitigate water intrusions in your home or business. Reach us by phone at (479) 419-5544. We are available 24/7 to assist with any fire, mold, or water-related issue.

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Mold Damage in Johnson HVAC Systems is Serious Business

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage in Johnson HVAC Systems is Serious Business Johnson Mold Infestations in Ductwork Call on SERVPRO for Remediation

SERVPRO Inspects and Remediates Mold Infestations in Johnson Properties

Finding signs of mold in your HVAC system can be jarring for some homeowners, and their reaction is understandable. Mold in ventilation systems could indeed pose serious health concerns and may indicate a much more significant problem around the home. However, you should not panic. SERVPRO has dealt with similar mold damage cases in Johnson and other local communities for years, and our technicians have helped to remove mold growth from dozens of HVAC systems in their time.
The first order of business when we respond to mold damage calls in Johnson is to identify location, size, and spread of the mold colony or colonies in question. Our inspectors use advanced detection equipment including thermal and moisture detectors to learn causes, locations, types, and maturity levels of mold patches in different areas. With this information, we can construct a model and estimates of how and why mold has spread in your home, and identify if mold is likely to be elsewhere in the home as well. Soon after, we use our expert treatments to make short work of the offending fungus.
But what does mold damage in the HVAC system mean for you? To start, it usually indicates a relatively severe mold problem. Small mold colonies with minimal impact do not often take root in ventilation systems, and usually, only mature colonies with fast-spreading spores can develop. Alternatively, if the colony originated in the vents, it may have quickly spread across the home as air currents take spores around the building.

Some types of mold may cause health effects, and if these species of mold are in ventilation systems, they make the entire house a biohazard and warrant a large-scale quarantine to prevent the spreading of mycotoxins. This, however, is rare, and should only result if the species mold is particularly dangerous. Through our treatments, we take care to thoroughly remove both visible growth and microscopic spores in the air, returning your home to its normal conditions before we pack up and leave. Every property contains mold, remediation when necessary, keeps it in check.
SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale has provided local homeowners with fast and thorough mold remediation and removal services for years. No matter how big or how serious the mold problem is, we can help. Call us at (479) 419-5544.

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Preventing Flood Damage in Johnson, AR

10/22/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Preventing Flood Damage in Johnson, AR Broken or clogged gutters can let water damage the foundation of your home. Contact SERVPRO to repair and for other services to prevent flooding.

SERVPRO Helps Homeowners Prohibit Water From Entering Their Homes During Storms

The town of Johnson is in one of the most beautiful places in Arkansas. Our location on the Springfield Plateau, however, does have us at risk for flooding from rain and snow coming off the mountains. It is a risk we accept, but that does not mean we do not plan for it.
Preventing flood damage in Johnson means blocking massive floodwaters and sealing areas off from seepage which can lead to more significant problems in the future. After decades in the restoration business, SERVPRO can help any homeowner prepare for the next storm now. Keeping water away is the simplest method to protect your home.
We cannot stop the rain, but we can inspect the rain gutters and drains on your roof and exterior walls. Our technicians repair or replace gutters that have pulled away from the roof, leaving a gap for water to run through. Drainpipes that have broken away from the channels cause the same type of damage, just a foot or two away. In a harsh downpour, hundreds of gallons of water can flow down the side of a home and eat away at both the landscaping and the foundation of a house or apartment building.
To protect the foundation walls, we recommend sealing off outer walls and basements. For the exterior, our crew digs out, exposes, and cleans the outside walls. To prevent seepage and leaks, we cover them with a thick coating of rubber cement. It waterproofs the concrete and bricks from the worst storms and does not crack unless the house moves away from the foundation itself.
For the interior, we inspect the basement for cracks and use a hydraulic cement compound to seal them. SERVPRO technicians then apply a waterproof, second layer consisting of masonry cement. The two together form an excellent barrier that stops even the smallest amount of seepage into a home.
While no method is perfect, repairing your drain system and sealing off the basement are two significant steps in the right direction. For more information about how SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale can help you protect your home from floods, call us today at (479) 419-5544.
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Sports Venue Suffers Flood Damage In Springdale

10/4/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Sports Venue Suffers Flood Damage In Springdale We have the experience needed to remove water and dry out batting cages, locker rooms, and snack bars restoring the entire sports campus to new.

Commercial Storm Damage Restoration

Seasonal storms pack a powerful punch, causing significant flood damage in Northwest Arkansas. Some businesses are at particular risk of serious harm to structure and fixtures, including those featuring expanses of hardwood flooring that are both handsome and chosen for a commercial purpose. Restoration of the hardwood after flooding is crucial for the business to continue.

Basketball and volleyball players and teams demand the smoothness and spring only a maple or other hardwood floor offers. When heavy rains and winds cause flood damage to your Springdale sports center, you are in danger of permanent closure if speedy remediation and restoration, especially of the flooring, does not occur. We have the experience and training needed to remove water and dry out multiple gyms, batting cages, locker rooms, snack bars, and meeting areas, returning the entire sports campus to its preloss condition.

Many inches of water flowed and collected on the courts and practice areas of the sports complex as saturated soil, and wind-ravaged roofs exacerbated the flooding. Fast action is required, and SERVPRO crews arrive with high-efficiency submersible pumps and water extractors, vehicle-mounted to begin the flood abatement whether or not the power failed during the storm.

Once the majority of the water is removed, our workers position powerful air movers and dehumidifiers to reduce the moisture content of all structural elements and fixtures. SERVPRO technicians receive advanced training in drying hardwood floors using a range of techniques. Drying mats pull water from the polished playing layer and through to the subfloor, as wet materials underlying the court or gym floor continuously sent moisture wicking into the hardwood.

Throughout the process our team members measure moisture levels in all affected areas and materials, first to establish drying goals, and second to demonstrate that adequate drying is achieved. Loosening and raising some areas of the hardwood planks allows air to circulate, accelerating the drying. We also may drill holes in strategic places to allow water vapor to escape, and consider removing some of the protective finish for the same reason. SERVPRO workers persist until the right combinations of methods result in a return to normal moisture levels, usually below 12 percent for wood floors, so that any sanding and refinishing completes the job.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale has the balance of skilled workers and modern equipment to deliver a successful flood damage abatement in a large recreational facility. Call (479) 419-5544 as soon as possible to get the restoration rolling.

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Water Removal Services for Your Fayetteville Home After a Sink Overflow

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal Services for Your Fayetteville Home After a Sink Overflow Water Removal After Accidents in Your Fayetteville Home Gets Fast Results with SERVPRO

Water Damage from Many Sources Affect Your Property in Fayetteville

Clogged drains cause overflowing fixtures or appliances and water damage, and usually do so with no notice. You suddenly have a massive amount of water where it does not belong. Expert, fast action is needed and is essential to protect your Fayetteville property to minimize the harm.
Since plumbing accidents can happen without warning, SERVPRO has experienced crews ready to respond to your water removal emergency any time of the day, any day of the week. We act quickly to ensure the safety of you and our workers and determine the cause of the overflow problem in your Fayetteville home. If it has not already been done, we shut down the water supply.
Upon arrival, we pre-inspect the damaged areas carefully and look for any dangerous situations such as electrical hazards or soft subflooring. The standing water is then pumped out with industrial, truck-mounted pumps for large volumes of water. If the sink is located on an upper floor, we check the walls and floors underneath it for any water seepage and remove that as necessary.
SERVPRO technicians also use a moisture meter to figure out the extent of the water penetration in flooring, ceilings, and walls. We move and block any furniture when necessary and extract water from hard surface flooring and carpeting. Carpets are detached, and we then extract the water from the padding and floor. The pad is removed from your structure and in most cases, it is discarded.
Once everything affected is checked for additional damages such as delamination in carpets, or visible mold, we treat with an appropriate deodorizer and antimicrobial. We position air movers for drying, so they deliver a rapid airflow to the wet surfaces. We base the number of air movers on the recommendations from IICRC. The driers are often checked, and the positions of them are shifted as needed to make sure your home is dried in the shortest amount of time possible.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville/Springdale is an experienced and trusted water damage remediation company. When you have a sink overflow for any reason, contact us right at (479) 419-5544 for the areas of Harmon, Johnson, or Fayetteville.

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Damp Laundry can Spread Mold Damage in Your Fayetteville Home

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Damp Laundry can Spread Mold Damage in Your Fayetteville Home Mold grows when conditions of moisture and heat in your laundry room or bathroom are right. Contact SERVPRO when you see or smell mold.

SERVPRO can Help Stop the Spread of Mold on Your Property

Dirty clothing landing in the hamper is what you expect your children to do, but when that laundry contains wet or damp items, microbes can proliferate inside the dark confines of the hamper. If your hamper rests against a wall in your Fayetteville home, microbes can easily find their way to the wall's surface and spread even more. Using a clothesline can help kill off any microbes infesting your clothing because sunlight is a natural killer of most microorganisms.
To further protect your home from mold damage in Fayetteville, it is important to ensure that all line-dried clothing is completely dry before bringing any of it inside. Mildew does not care if damp clothing is clean or soiled – either is suitable and promotes microbial growth. Hanging shirts and slacks while still damp is known as an excellent way to remove slight wrinkling without the use of an iron. However, you should do this in an open area. Closed-off locations such as closets, bathrooms, and the area between an open door and the adjacent wall can slow evaporation and allow mildew spots to form on the garment.
Setting aside any items that feel damp when folding clothing before placing it in drawers, and either re-hanging these damp articles or placing them for a short period in the dryer can keep mold from forming. Ironing slightly damp clothing until dry can also help attain an environment that contains fewer mold spores. Additionally, allowing laundry hampers to air out on a sunny day while open can kill mold and prevent strong odors from developing.
Clothing can spread mold easily through your home. It is easier to reduce the microbial population found on clothing than it is to perform mold remediation after mold damage takes hold of your home. Once mold begins to thrive, you need a company like SERVPRO to carry out the steps involved in remediation. Certified in Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT), our technicians can restore your home's interior to a healthy environment.
SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale wants to help you maintain a home free of abnormal levels of mold. From measuring devices that detect microbial activity levels to air scrubbers that remove pollutants and irritants in addition to mold particles and spores in the air, we have everything needed to contain and clean the area affected by mold damage. Whenever you find mold growth in your home, call us at (479) 419-5544. We answer our phones 24/7, every day of the year.

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Quality Fire Damage Restoration Services Available For All Fayetteville Residents

9/7/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Quality Fire Damage Restoration Services Available For All Fayetteville Residents Calling a fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO fast after a fire can help reduce secondary damages from occurring. Contact us today.

Our IICRC-Certified Technicians Respond Quickly to Remediate Fire Damage On Your Property

After the fire is out and everyone is gone, the clock starts ticking away. Every minute that it takes you to decide which direction to take next, allows smoke and soot residues to permeate further into various surfaces found in your Fayetteville home.

Immediately after a Fayetteville fire damage incident occurs in your home, smoke and soot residues begin to settle. Soon after, residues cause discoloration that turns to staining if not treated quickly. Within hours, wood furniture may require refinishing, metals start to rust and corrode while clothing and other contents become permanently stained.

The longer you wait, the harder your restoration becomes. Prolonged exposure to smoke and soot residues damage every surface in your home, embedding chemicals into the very fibers of various materials, continually deteriorating items as time progresses. SERVPRO can help stop the deterioration fast and get a hold on secondary damages developing in your home.
Smoke damage travels through crawl spaces, into walls, and your ventilation system. SERVPRO technicians inspect your entire home thoroughly, providing cleaning and deodorization services that help return your home to a quality pre-damage condition, making damage disappear, “Like it never even happened.” All of this and more is only a phone call away.

When treated by the fire and smoke damage professionals at SERVPRO, damaged structure, contents, and personal belongings can survive the effects of a fire. We are fully IICRC-certified, with access to industrial-grade equipment, and have several years of experience providing restoration services to customers just like you.

Our entire staff takes every possible action to provide you with full-service solutions to fire damage in your home. We are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, including holidays, and make your restoration as stress-free as possible. Our Green Fleet vehicles are ready to deploy at a moments notice, fully stocked with everything necessary to address problems that occur on your property.

Get the most out of the restoration services available to you, contact SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale for access to qualified professionals who urgently respond to your request for help. We service the entire area, call today. (479) 419-5544

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How The Esporta Wash System Benefits Hotels After Water Removal In Fayetteville

8/18/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial How The Esporta Wash System Benefits Hotels After Water Removal In Fayetteville Water damage is the last thing any hotel owner wants.

The Esporta Wash System

Water damage is the last thing any hotel owner wants. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents just happen. The weather in Northwest Arkansas is not very severe, but water might damage a hotel by many other means. Maybe a pipe bursts in a bathroom and floods a guest’s suit or an appliance in the laundry breaks down and causes a flood. In any event, swift water removal and drying are key to getting your business back up and running as soon as possible.

Water removal is the first step in restoring your Fayetteville hotel after any flood. Our SERVPRO teams arrive ready to extract moisture using a range of freestanding and truck-mounted pumps. We also have submersible pumps on hand for more severe water damage situations. We carefully extract water using both pumps and extraction tools until we are confident that we have removed as much water as possible.

However, being a hotel owner, you are concerned with more than just getting the water out of there. There is also the question of what happens to any bedclothes, rugs, blankets, drapes or other soft furnishings that were damaged by the flood. Naturally, you do not want to replace them all, but a normal washing machine might not be up to the job of getting them usable again either.

That is where the Esporta washer system comes in. The Esporta system is designed for use in restoration situations, and its manufacturer states that it cleans twice as well as typical restoration dry cleaning systems. The system utilizes a process known as “Hydraulic Cleaning”, which deep cleans all soft items, from bedding to clothes and leather items, and even soft toys. Hydraulic cleaning works much like the action of the waves against the shore, methodically cleaning deep into the materials without damaging it. That is why SERVPRO favors the Esporta system for cleaning and restoring soft materials.

Your soft furnishings are carefully packed up and removed to our specialist restoration facilities for washing. We log every item we remove using industry-standard software so you can rest assured your items are being tracked and taken care of at all times. While your items are at the facility, our IICRC-certified staff work on drying out the affected rooms to make your hotel “Like it never even happened.”

If a flood afflicts your hotel, do not worry. Call SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale at (479) 419-5544 today for assistance.

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