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Rapid Water Removal Helps Protect Homes in Springdale from More Extensive Damage

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Rapid Water Removal Helps Protect Homes in Springdale from More Extensive Damage If you have a broken pipe or an appliance failure that brings water into your home, contact SERVPRO for quick drying out and remediation services.

Quick Drying Services After Water Damage Can Help Prevent a Mold Infestation

Just as quickly as water can spring forth out of a broken water line or a busted connection between a feed line and an appliance, damages begin accruing inside your Springdale home. The pressure in a pipe can force thousands of gallons of water into your kitchen, bath, or basement, quickly covering the floor in several inches of water.

Homeowners who encounter this situation can help save their home by calling a professional water removal company in Springdale. The quicker a homeowner calls SERVPRO, the faster we can arrive, resulting in less damage to their home and a decreased expense overall.

Because water changes as it enters the environment, evaporating and becoming humidity in the air, for example, it rarely remains in one place. Unless we remove it quickly, soon after the accident, moisture can travel throughout your home. This movement can cause problems in other locations of your home. Sometimes, these can show up months in the future, giving homeowners a false sense of security.

When we receive a call requesting water removal, we know that our job involves more than pumping out gallons of water from a home and mopping and drying floors. We want your home's usual dryness level restored, in every area, and in all structures. To help us determine where moisture might exist, we use both infrared thermal imaging devices and moisture detectors. Many homeowners find it surprising that many walls seem dry when touched, but our instruments reveal the presence of moisture. After we finish drying out these sections of walls, we reassess, showing that the wall now contains no moisture.

To dry out walls, floors, and other components of your home, we bring in air movers to speed up the circulation of your home's indoor environment, heaters to speed up evaporation, and dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air. At times, we use desiccant machines, also. When weather conditions bring dry air into our area, we often recommend opening windows and doors to allow the process to proceed at an even quicker pace.

When broken pipes or leaking appliances take over your home in Springdale, Harmon, or Tontitown, calling SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale at our 24-hour service line, (479) 419-5544, can help get everything back under control again.

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Springdale Residents Discover Quality Mold Remediation Services

2/7/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Springdale Residents Discover Quality Mold Remediation Services If you experience water damage, it is important to call SERVPRO to properly remove the water and dry out your home to prevent mold growth.

Calling on a Professional Mold Remediation Specialist Can Help Minimize Damages and Prevent Future Mold Growth

When it comes to mold found in your Springdale area home, you want to work with fully-trained remediation experts to protect your family and limit any losses you might experience. This statement is true for most everyone who experiences mold damage on their property; you are no exception.

If you find yourself dealing with mold damage in your Springdale home, or have recently experienced any water exposure, it is vital to have the water removed, and the structure dried immediately to avoid mold growth. Unless you have the proper detection equipment and training, it is nearly impossible to detect mold before growth occurs and by the time you can see visible signs, it may already be too late.

SERVPRO technicians understand where to look and recognize early signs of mold growth found in your home. Depending on the amount of mold located during your initial inspection, you may need help with relocating to ensure your families safety during the mold remediation process, and our office is ready to assist you with locating temporary housing should it be required for your situation. 

SERVPRO has IICRC-industry certified professionals available 24/7, 365, including weekends and holidays to provide you with quality mold remediation services you can count on to regain control of your indoor living environment. We have access to a variety of moisture detectors, location, and volume measuring devices that make returning your home’s relative humidity to normal. 

SERVPRO can also install dehumidifiers, drainage, and ventilation where needed to get things under control quickly. Our technicians offer a variety of solutions that fit your unique situation and make every effort to provide you with a cost-effective solution for any mold problems you face. 

We follow strict local, state, and federal guidelines for the handling and disposal of contaminated materials and use EPA registered disinfectants to clean the entire infected area before performing repair or replacement services that help make your house a home again.

Contact SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale for additional information about available services or to schedule your initial inspection, today. We can provide you with professional mold remediation services anytime, day or night. (479) 419-5544

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Proven Flood Damage Restoration Services for Springdale Residents

1/28/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Proven Flood Damage Restoration Services for Springdale Residents Flooding can happen quickly. Contact SERVPRO for drying out and remediation efforts that happen right after you call.

SERVPRO Technicians Dry Out Your Property with a Thorough Uderstanding as to Humidity and Using the Appropriate Equipment for the Correct Task

Now and again we experience the effects of flood damage which leave behind a loss worth millions of dollars. No matter how well we are prepared to face such disasters, there are always incidents that happen and beat us at our own game. That means handling everything as an emergency is necessary to prevent further damage. To achieve that, we advise Springdale residents to work with IICRC certified restoration service providers when dealing with the aftermath of flooding.

Using the right equipment makes a big difference when restoring your Springdale property after a flood damage disaster. That is the fact that our SERVPRO team understands and in most cases, we analyze each situation differently to determine the most appropriate tools and technology to use when working on your property. Drying as a process requires one to know humidity, temperature, and the various air properties - something that our technicians understand very well.

Timely evaporation of the moisture in your property is vital during the restoration. It all starts by putting in place appropriate measures to reduce the drying time and the use of extractors, air movers and dehumidifiers works towards achieving that. Air movers facilitate airflow and increase the speed of evaporation. As the moisture evaporates from surfaces, it leads to the formation of moist air. That means we have to remove the extra moisture from the air and we do that by using dehumidifiers.

The two main types of dehumidifiers that our SERVPRO technicians use are desiccant dehumidifiers and refrigerant dehumidifiers. Desiccant dehumidifiers use chemicals to absorb the moisture, while the working of refrigerant dehumidifiers has a lot of similarity to how air conditioners work. Deodorization then follows to neutralize the smells as well as prevent chances of mold growth.

The goal of SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is to restore your contents to their preloss condition irrespective of the site of the disaster. Call us at (479) 419-5544 and learn more about our tested and proved restoration services.

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Commercial Flood Damage Solutions In Springdale

1/23/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Flood Damage Solutions In Springdale SERVPRO Protects Inventory and Storage with Rapid Water Removal from Springdale Area Commercial Structures

Fast Water Removal Reduces Economic Impacts After Flooding Events

The Springdale area was traditionally an agricultural area, but in recent years a range of newer business ventures have diversified the jobs in the region. Because of the importance of these local industries to the economy of the region, it is critical that our professional disaster restoration services are available.

A flood damage event at a larger Springdale business impacts not only the company involved but also their customers and employees. No matter what the source of the flood waters, it is inevitable that fast and comprehensive assistance is required. If machinery or appliance malfunction floods the production floor or heavy rains or rising waterways invades the building, the need is similar. Our employees know what to do regardless of the scenario.
SERVPRO service vehicles have pumps and extractors on board. If the areas to be treated is large, we make sure enough equipment arrives so the removal of the water is swift. If contamination is an issue, we contain the water in tanks and dispose of it according to local rules. Damaged plant equipment is inspected and repaired, and air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers move in to dry the structure. Throughout the process, moisture is measured and monitored, and the drying goals determined by our production managers are eventually reached.
The SERVPRO work crews are aware that every moment the business is down community members are losing money. We do all in our power to work fast and get the majority of the building back to normal so the business can get back to regular production as soon as possible. We listen carefully to the business owner and its management team to see if there is a way to open a portion of the commercial building while we continue to work on the flood-damaged areas.

If the scope of the response needed exceeds our configuration, we have relationships with other SERVPROs that can lend technicians and equipment. For certain, no job is too big or too small for us, and the quality the customer receives is impeccable. Our goal is a fully operational company in as few days or hours as possible.
SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is poised to help any and all businesses with flooding problems in our community. Call us at (479) 419-5544 to get our teams on the road to start the journey to restoration.

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Mold Damage Remediation Specialists Available for Your Springdale Home

1/8/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Remediation Specialists Available for Your Springdale Home Mold colonies can easily form in your home with extra moisture and the right range of temperature.

SERVPRO’s Certified Technicians Have the Expertise to Properly Remediate Mold Damage

No one has a home that is entirely impervious to mold growth. The truth is if you just happen to have some excessive moisture and the right range of temperature, any organic material in your home could spawn mold colonies. Spores of mold naturally exist in the air that we breathe, which means that any time the conditions become met for a colony to form, the spores are there to allow it to start. Finding mold growing in your Springdale home, however, is nothing to be taken lightly.

You might be under the impression that many Springdale homes have mold damage, and you would likely be right. When you battle conditions throughout the year like excessive humidity mixed with warmer temperatures, the spores in the air have the right conditions to seat and grow into colonies. The fungus hyphae can penetrate deep into the surface that it is growing on, making conventional cleaning methods ineffective. Given the health effects that mold has been known to cause, it is not a condition that you should wait a long time to resolve.

Our SERVPRO technicians go through extensive training in mold remediation to meet the high standards set by the IICRC. Our certified specialists have the expertise and tools to successfully remove colonies while simultaneously preventing the spread of spores to new areas which could perpetuate the current problem. To prevent circulation of the spores coming from the existing colony, your circulation system like heating/air conditioning is shut off, and our technicians employ a negative air chamber to trap and neutralize spores.

Scrubbers fitted with HEPA filters are used to clean deeply into the surfaces where mold grows and to completely remove the hyphae. Foggers are also used to disinfect surfaces and nullify odor molecules lingering in the affected area to efficiently remove the musty smell typical to this kind of incident.

If you find mold growing in your Springdale home, IICRC certified specialists are only a phone call away. You can trust our remediation technicians to handle the problem quickly and thoroughly. Call SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale today at (479) 419-5544.

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Call in The Experts After Fire Damages Your Harmon Kitchen

1/5/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Call in The Experts After Fire Damages Your Harmon Kitchen Substances left behind by a small kitchen fire require the skills and knowledge of SERVPRO professionals to properly clean up.

Even Small Kitchen Fires Require Professional Fire Remediation Specialists

Smart Harmon homeowners assure themselves of quick access to fire extinguishers and quickly manage accidental fires during cooking. Because the crisis seems averted, you may be tempted to take sole responsibility for the post-fire clean up as well. Failing to arrange for professional assessment may be a mistake you want to avoid. We pledge to make our assistance with your fire damage count.

A boiled-dry pot or spattering pan of oil ignites quickly, especially if the cook is distracted in your Harmon kitchen. Fire damage threatens appliances, walls, countertops, and flooring. Fortunately, a handy fire extinguisher knocks down the flames, and you breathe a sigh of relief. Before you treat the aftermath as just a routine cleaning task, invite our fire damage restoration crew to evaluate the situation.

The “soil” left by fire does not always respond well to traditional cleaning strategies. It also contains hazardous substances from the combustion of textiles, wood, insulation, and other structural or appliance materials. Add in the chemical residue from the extinguisher, and the realization grows that this a toxic mix. Cleanup of this type of debris is a job for SERVPRO technicians trained to identify the challenges and manage the potential for harm experienced by the individuals doing the work.

There is also the risk that individuals who are unfamiliar with proven smoke and soot damage cleaning protocols cause more damage when attempting to mitigate the mess. When experienced and certified SERVPRO workers complete the tasks this risk is eliminated. Soot must be assessed for its varied characteristics, and the proper cleaning products and tools chosen to eradicate the various kinds of residues. One fire can deposit light, ashy soot, sticky greasy soot, and soot that hardens into a lacquer-like coating, almost impossible to remove without specialized equipment and professional cleaning products.

The substances generated by fire are highly corrosive and must be eliminated from surfaces as quickly as possible. Permanent discoloration of fabrics and plastics, etching of metals and glass, and deterioration of wood are just some of the ongoing issues caused by fire damage not remediated appropriately. SERVPRO can respond within hours, essential to a successful fire damage recovery as soot and smoke begin to destroy structures and contents within the first day after the fire event.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is ready with the crews, products, and equipment to restore your home after a fire loss. Call us for a consultation 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (479) 419-5544.

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Do Not Wait To Arrange For Water Removal In Tontitown

12/22/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Do Not Wait To Arrange For Water Removal In Tontitown If not removed quickly, water accidents threaten severe damage.

Do Not Wait For Water Removal

Water is a necessity of life, and we use it inside our Tontitown homes for drinking, bathing, cleaning, and our sanitary systems, among other things. Because the pipes, basins, and appliances that use water are everywhere in our dwellings, the chances are good that water spills and leaks frequently. If not removed quickly, water accidents threaten severe damage.

Although a homeowner can mop up a minor spill easily when larger quantities invade areas of your Tontitown house, water removal by professionals becomes necessary. A burst pipe or overflowing washing machine sends gallons of water across floors. Water then follows the paths of least resistance, flowing into the cracks and joints of your structure where it soaks in and hides in recesses. Our well-trained technicians have the skills and the tools to find and remove water fast no matter where it migrates after the event.

The SERVPRO crew assigned to your project locates all water that needs removal, both the obvious areas and the pockets that may lie under flooring and between walls. We use moisture meters and scanners that pinpoint pooled water behind obstructions. Using pumps and extractors, crew members pull water out and then we use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out the structure.

Industry experts warn that as time passes water damage accelerates the deterioration of structural materials and contents. Even a day or two of waiting risks collateral damage such as mold growth. Water that was relatively clean becomes progressively dirtier as days go by, contaminated with microbes and substances that mix with the water, including dirt, cleaning products, and other chemicals on surfaces or in crevices, and a host of other debris. SERVPRO scales up our response to eliminate the water swiftly, minimizing the time contaminants have to taint it.

We monitor the quality of the water as we remove it, and decide to contain and dispose of gray or black water according to local codes if required by law. Using SERVPRO as your water removal partner offers a level of experience and certifications no typical homeowner holds. Be confident in our ability to remove water safely and securely that otherwise would damage your home.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is fully certified, licensed, and ready to complete your water removal job. Waste no time after the water event to call (479) 419-5544 and look forward to the return of your dry and comfortable home fast.

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Commercial Water Removal in Johnson Hotels and Motels

12/4/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Removal in Johnson Hotels and Motels SERVPRO technicians use large pumps to remove standing water from rooms, hallways, and common areas.

SERVPRO Quickly Removes Standing Water in Hotels

Small hotels and motels are important for Johnson. They provide a perfect stopover point for anyone coming off 71, traveling up I-49, or visiting for a Razorbacks game. Since they often operate on a slim margin, getting their doors reopened quickly after a flood is vital.

Commercial water removal in a Johnson hotel or motel usually involves getting standing water out and then lifting moisture from floors and carpets. SERVPRO has decades of experience with both of these tasks and does our best to keep owners satisfied.

Our IICRC-certified technicians start with pumps. We use them to remove water over two inches deep in rooms, hallways, and common areas. Clearing each room is a matter of minutes, and larger rooms like a lobby or a conference room often take no more than half an hour. We can remove water from even a large motel in less than a day.

Once we remove the water, or if it is less than two inches deep, SERVPRO brings in water extraction wands. These devices look like a commercial grade water vacuum but are much more versatile. We can adjust the speed and airflow to ensure we remove water and moisture without damaging carpets or floor surfaces.

Drawing out water at this point takes longer since we have to examine completed areas by touch. An average sized room takes a half to a full hour. We can finish many rooms for occupancy in a single day. If the power has been interrupted, we can bring in a generator to provide uninterrupted electrical support until we complete every water removal task.

In some cases, the flooding leaves the air very humid and uncomfortable for guests. When this happens, our technicians set up a series of air movers and exhaust fans to lower the humidity levels. The air movers generate warm, dry air to replace the cooler, damp air drawn out by the fans.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale understands how important it is for a business to keep its doors open every possible day and hour. If you are dealing with a flooding problem, call our office today at (479) 419-5544 to schedule a work crew. We are here to help.

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Professional Flood Damage Restoration Services for Residents of Springdale

11/16/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Professional Flood Damage Restoration Services for Residents of Springdale SERVPRO offers emergency restoration services 24/7 to quickly begin the remediation process after a storm.

Let SERVPRO Assess Storm Damage Before Discarding Damaged Items

There is every possibility that as a resident of Springdale you might end up making a mistake after experiencing flood damage. Remember, you are not experienced in restoration matters and making some decisions may be beyond you, and that means encountering unnecessary losses might be the outcome. We are here to guide on how to avoid such mistakes during that crucial moment.

The professional restoration services offered in Springdale are meant to put your business or home back together after experiencing a flood damage incident. When a service provider like SERVPRO is offering the restoration services, expect the following: repair of your structure, thorough cleaning, final inspections, removing all the equipment from the work site as well as putting your contents back in place.

In some cases, you might think your carpet is ruined and decide to discard it. Always avoid making such decisions unless they have been approved by trained experts. What you might consider not useful might be restored by SERVPRO technicians by using specific procedures. For instance, an expert can use an adjuster to verify whether restoration of your wet carpet is possible or not.

With the help of a moisture sensor, trained experts can let you know the amount of moisture in your soft materials. The device has sharp probes which penetrate through pads and carpets and indicate how far the water has reached. Whenever it detects moisture, its light blinks and the sensor beeps.

Using air movement equipment can increase the speed of evaporation. Dehumidification equipment can also speed drying by removing any existing water vapor from the air. If the damage took place in your business premise, your customers and employees are exposed to injury and as a result safety equipment is recommended by trained experts.

Our professional technicians at SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale offer emergency restoration services on a 24-hour basis. Call us at (479) 419-5544 to know your different options.  

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Why You Need Professional Help in Eliminating Odors After Fire Damage in Fayetteville

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Why You Need Professional Help in Eliminating Odors After Fire Damage in Fayetteville Fires can leave behind a lingering odor, SERVPRO has a three phase process to rid your home of the smells.

Three Phases to Eliminate Odors Left Behind by Fire Damage

Getting rid of the smoky odor from a fire damaged home can be a tough challenge. The smell of smoke and burnt material can linger on long after the fire damage to your Fayetteville home. Although you can take steps to minimize the odor, it is best to leave this job to the expert professionals.

Fire damage to your Fayetteville home can have you smelling smoke for days after the incidence. Many factors can make it difficult to get rid of the odor entirely and eliminating it is achieved through a multi-phasic strategy.

Heightened Awareness to Smell

Your perception of the scent is heightened if you know that the property was damaged in a fire. If you are aware of the fire damage, you tend to perceive the odors more intensely. It can pose a big problem in eliminating them entirely.

Furthermore, high temperature and humidity can also increase your perception of smell. So, eliminating the odors requires implementation of multiple techniques to counter this effect. That is why, here at SERVPRO, we employ various state-of-the-art techniques to remove the odors.

Multi-Phase Odor cCntrol 

SERVPRO experts use a multiple phase odor eliminating strategy to get rid of the smells as entirely as possible.

Phase 1: The first stage is to contain the odor at the source. A chemical counteractant is sprayed on the charred surfaces to prevent the vaporization of the odor molecules. It creates a barrier between the air and the source of the odor and prevents the odor molecules from vaporizing. SERVPRO uses professional grade odor counteractant in this process.

Phase 2: The second step deals with combating the odor molecules that are already in the air. Strong deodorant vapors are sprayed to neutralize the odor-causing particles in the air.

Phase 3: In this stage, a thermal fogger is utilized to spray solvent-based deodorizers. As the thermal fogger uses heat to dissipate the deodorant, it can reach everywhere the smoke may have entered and combat the odors at the source.

These three phases ensure that the odor is entirely and efficiently eliminated.

Call SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale at (479) 419 5544 to schedule an inspection today. Our experts are eager to help you devise a strategy to eliminate the odor from your fire-damaged home as efficiently as possible. 

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