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Commercial Water Damage Threatening Your Big Day? Say 'I Do' to SERVPRO

5/13/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let water damage take away from your big day. Call SERVPRO. We are available 24/7.

Get to the Altar on Time with Commercial Water Removal Services in Springdale

Residents of Springdale eagerly anticipate Spring and summer weddings and receptions. Booking the desired venue, buying the dress and renting the tuxes, arranging for food, flowers, and music keep the wedding party busy. If a last minute water crisis threatens to silence wedding bells our highly-qualified team of Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) is ready to save the day, so the lucky couple’s dreams come true.

If a plumbing break or appliance failure requires rapid water removal at your Springdale event center, our team responds fast. Our company has the resources to take on a significant water loss efficiently. We can scale up the number of technicians and the availability of commercial-grade water removal equipment to ensure we can extract the water quickly and move on to structural drying without missing a beat.

SERVPRO invests in industry-leading training for our water removal crews, supporting our employees as they master the water damage coursework provided by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). State-of-the-art submersible pumps and wanded extractors remove water thoroughly and at high speed. Our service vehicles arrive packed with the tools needed, eliminating any delay between assessment and implementation of our project plan.

As the water recedes, the SERVPRO team determines drying goals. Our technicians measure moisture levels in structural components with sensitive instruments and also employ thermal imaging to locate any hidden water migrating into building cavities. Efficient drying strategies follow the release and capture of the trapped water. Powerful air movers and heaters remove absorbed moisture out of building materials and fixtures into the air as vapor. High-efficiency dehumidifiers are used to condense or absorb the vapor for permanent removal from the building.

SERVPRO also specializes in carpeting water extraction, quick turn-around on cleaning and drying of window treatments, and deodorization methods to prevent any sour or musty smells on the wedding day. We understand the timing constraints of your customers’ nuptials, pulling out all the stops to ensure the processional commences at the time expected.

Let SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale help you deliver on one-of-a-kind promises to your wedding venue clientele. Call (479) 419-5544 immediately after a water loss so you can recover in time for the “I do’s.”

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SERVPRO Can Restore Fired Damaged Properties in Springdale Reeking of Odors

5/8/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Removes Charred Debris in Springdale Area Homes and Also Provides Improved Air Quality (IAQ) with Our Advanced Equipment

How Do Ozone Machines Help after Fires in Springdale Homes

Fire loss incidents can often spread far beyond the ignition point, spreading through multiple rooms and areas of your Springdale home. While each of these effects must get addressed to return your home to its original condition, many homeowners fixate on specific symptoms that make comfortable living difficult in incidents that do not relocate the occupants of the house. As reputable restoration professionals that have years of experience in fire loss recovery, we can address each of these consequences for our customers efficiently and effectively.

Much of the work that we do to recover Springdale homes from their fire damage hinges on the advanced tools and equipment that we have at our disposal in restoring properties. For widespread impacts like odors and indoor air quality concerns, we have several units that can address these threats quickly and efficiently. The most powerful of our tools for air purification and odor removal is our ozone machine. This portable unit can attack a broad area of your property and can become a fast-working deodorization and cleaning tool for the affected environment.

Ozone machines help our SERVPRO professionals to quickly gain control over damaging odors and harsh scents that result from smoke and charring in your property. These units work by infusing the environment and affected materials with an extra oxygen molecule (O3 is ozone) that chemically reacts with odor compounds to neutralize them. As compelling as this process is, it is not without its risks.

This chemical reaction that occurs with the use of ozone machines is not safe for humans, pets, or plants to be around, and so the property must be vacated for several hours after the machine has been turned off.  In situations where fire-damaging results might not demand relocation of the family, this can be a problematic solution for our SERVPRO professionals to organize. The gas can also degrade plastic, vinyl, and rubber items. We can erect an ozone chamber with poly sheeting at our facility to use this device. We must carefully determine when and if ozone machines are best used in area homes to remove odors. There are other options in our arsenal of equipment.

Whenever fire loss incidents occur, you can always trust in the fast response and expertise of our SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale team. Give us a call anytime at (479) 419-5544.

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Must Have Resources for Water Damage Remediation in Springdale

4/30/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage can take over any home very quickly. Don't wait long. Contact the certified technicians at SERVPRO for all your remediation needs.

Identifying Water Damage Inside Springdale Homes

Water damage threats can pose significant risks to Springdale homes, especially when homeowners choose to clean and dry these damages on their own. Inadequate cleanup and moisture removal can lead to worsening conditions which can ultimately be hazardous for families, not to mention continuing to degrade and decompose structural elements, construction materials, and the exposed contents of the residence.

Many techniques must get employed for water damage in Springdale homes to get successfully and thoroughly addressed. Without the use of these machines, products, and practices, you can often remain unaware and oblivious to effects and damage occurring out of your immediate line of sight. Our SERVPRO professionals not only have the complete training to handle all facets of water loss recoveries in homes throughout our area, but we can also work to double check our efforts to ensure our successes during the restoration process.

We utilize two approaches to determine moisture content in wall cavities and materials to help us determine our successful removal of dampness and damage. The first of these devices is a moisture detection device. Much like a stud finder can indicate the presence of wood framing behind drywall, devices that our team uses emits electromagnetic waves and measures the resistance in their return to determine moisture content in the materials affected. This sophisticated equipment can help us also to decide when a certain structural element could be too saturated or damaged to preserve.

Thermal imagery is another path that our SERVPRO professionals utilize to indicate the presence of moisture pockets throughout affected and exposed areas of your home. Much of the damage in many water loss incidents can occur out of sight, so seeing a temperature array to detail the presence of moisture and dampness in challenging areas can help to determine the best points for installing drying equipment.

While our sophisticated tools can make it easy to determine the presence of moisture and dampness in your home, waiting too long to choose professional cleanup and recovery can be a costly and hazardous mistake. Give our SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale rapid response team a call 24/7 at (479) 419-5544.

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We Understand That You Must Remove Standing Water As Quickly As Possible in Springdale Homes After A Flood

4/11/2019 (Permalink)

We have the expertise and experience to handle your flood damage 24/7.Don't hesitate and call us right away so we can get started on your restoration.

A Comprehensive Strategy to Restoring Springdale Homes after Flood Damage

Heavy rainfall during certain periods of year can result in large amounts of water entering the home. With standing water, the longer it is left, the more it is absorbed into the structure of your home which can cause expensive or even permanent damages. Natural materials like fabrics or woods can often be the most at risk from exposure to excess moisture so reaching out for professional assistance is essential.

Over the years, we have honed and developed a comprehensive strategy to help residents with flood damage in Springdale. Our first move on arriving at a job site is to secure the structure and ensure your safety. This could involve shutting off potentially water-logged electrics, testing that floors or ceilings are structurally sound or lose debris.

The number one action is to remove standing water as quickly as possible. SERVPRO can pump standing water out of your home and into an open sewer point by using submersible gas-powered systems. We can also check your crawlspaces as well as your subfloor to see if there is any excess moisture residing there and pump it out too.

After the flood removal of standing water, it is time to assess the state of your contents and structural components. If you have been away from home for an extended period, it may be that your property is suffering from prolonged exposure to moisture. Since water naturally migrates from wet to dry, a long exposure can result in items taking on excess amounts.

SERVPRO can remediate waterlogged contents by extracting as much of it as possible before conducting thorough dehumidification. Water moves from wet to dry, so placing drying equipment in the affected area overnight can be a useful measure for drawing water out of floorboards, soft furnishings, and hard floors. We can test if the process is successful by using moisture meters to understand whether appropriate dryness is achieved.

In an emergency, you need a focused strategy to get your home back to its best, contact SERVPRO of Fayette / Springdale at (479) 888-2403.

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Short Story: The Truth About Flood Damage Remediation in Springdale

4/7/2019 (Permalink)

When flooding has affected your living space, contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services. Call right away.

Springdale Flood Damage Remediation is a Job for Professionals

When overland flooding affects your Springdale home, it brings home the reality of living in an area with several waterways subject to significant overflow. If you live in parts of the city near Spring Creek-Osage Creek, Brush Creek, or Clear Creek rapidly rising water can catch you unaware. Heavy rainfall can raise floodwaters past 10 feet in 6 or fewer hours in our region of Northwest Arkansas. If you are in its path, we can help.

Flood damage in Springdale needs a fast response. Failure to extract the water and dry out the structure of your home within the first 48 hours can expose your dwelling to the potential of mold damage. At the same time, persistently damp building materials also weaken, crumble, and warp. Waiting too long to extract the water and dry out structural components dramatically increases the need for more costly repairs. Demolition and replacement become necessary when restoration might have been sufficient just hours earlier.

SERVPRO can respond to your flooding crisis even when others in the community suffer the same stress. Our disaster team can reach out for increased resources if needed at times when many members of our community are hurting from flood-related issues. When you work with our well-qualified and equipped team your flood damage remediation project is a priority.

Our team arrives with fully-stocked service vehicles, ready with the equipment needed to start removing water, cleaning contaminated surfaces, and drying out the structure. An experienced crew leader quickly assesses your home’s unique flooding scenario and develops a plan our SERVPRO technicians put into action.

Commercial grade pumps and extractors pull water out of your home rapidly. If the flooded space is populated with furnishings, household goods, or other stored items SERVPRO technicians might pack all or some of the articles out to make water removal easier and ensure the contents get the specialized cleaning and drying treatments needed to restore them to preloss function and appearance.

We evaluate the water trapped inside your home for contamination, containing it for disposal according to local regulations if necessary. After SERVPRO extracts and discards the water, we use special cleaning agents, disinfectants, and equipment to sanitize and dry out your home.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is ready to help the communities we serve when flooding occurs. Call us at (479) 419-5544 for assistance if your home fills as the streams overflow.

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How Pack-Outs are a Part of Water Damage Restoration in Fayetteville

3/27/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's pack-out services allow you to move your furnishings and other items to our storage facility.

Professional Pack-Out is the Cornerstone to Fayetteville Commercial Water Removal Success

Reduce the chaos of commercial water damage mitigation in Fayetteville by considering a pack-out of furnishings, electronics and other equipment, and documents. Choosing to clear the flooded areas of your commercial property makes planning for and implementation of water extraction strategies more efficient. The contents removed also receives the treatments needed to return to function and appearance. 

Heavy spring rains and overflow from higher elevations contribute to the need for professional water removal in your Fayetteville business. Packing up and moving out contents is often a smart initial step. When commercial spaces are free of inventory, stored items, and other portable items the removal of excess water becomes more straightforward. Without the added humidity-load of saturated contents, it is easier and quicker to accomplish structural drying. 

SERVPRO uses a structured Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) protocol to ensure the items we pack out are inventoried thoroughly and tracked throughout the process. Lists of packed contents for each space, digital photographs of articles removed, and the option of barcoding for speed and accuracy provide safeguards for commercial clients. 

Insurance claims for water damage need documentation for certain payment. The SERVPRO CCIS establishes the condition of each item packed out, the planned cleaning and drying strategies we believe appropriate, and the results of the treatments completed at our climate-controlled production facility. If an article is not restorable, the need for a replacement is proven.

SERVPRO production facility technicians have innovative equipment and specialized training to bring even extensively damaged items back to preloss condition. The resources available to our employees include vacuum freeze-drying systems for documents, books, and photographs. Thermal chambers for electronics and small, easy to control drying spaces for furnishings pull moisture out of dozens of essential artifacts critical to the operation of your business. Industrial washers and dryers and access to dry cleaning services or specialized equipment that cleans and dries soft items set our company apart from traditional cleaning businesses. 

At your commercial building, our technicians use the freedom granted by cleared spaces to pump out and extract standing water fast. SERVPRO crews then use structural drying techniques taught at IICRC training to make it “Like it never even happened” at your business property before welcoming back the restored packed out items. The final step is business as usual.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale stands ready to help with every aspect of commercial water removal. Call for a quick evaluation at (479) 419-5544.

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Preventing Flood Damage in Johnson, AR

3/20/2019 (Permalink)

Broken or clogged gutters can let water damage the foundation of your home. Contact SERVPRO to repair and for other services to prevent flooding.

SERVPRO Helps Homeowners Prohibit Water From Entering Their Homes During Storms

The town of Johnson is in one of the most beautiful places in Arkansas. Our location on the Springfield Plateau, however, does have us at risk for flooding from rain and snow coming off the mountains. It is a risk we accept, but that does not mean we do not plan for it. 
Preventing flood damage in Johnson means blocking massive floodwaters and sealing areas off from seepage which can lead to more significant problems in the future. After decades in the restoration business, SERVPRO can help any homeowner prepare for the next storm now. Keeping water away is the simplest method to protect your home. 
We cannot stop the rain, but we can inspect the rain gutters and drains on your roof and exterior walls. Our technicians repair or replace gutters that have pulled away from the roof, leaving a gap for water to run through. Drainpipes that have broken away from the channels cause the same type of damage, just a foot or two away. In a harsh downpour, hundreds of gallons of water can flow down the side of a home and eat away at both the landscaping and the foundation of a house or apartment building. 
To protect the foundation walls, we recommend sealing off outer walls and basements. For the exterior, our crew digs out, exposes, and cleans the outside walls. To prevent seepage and leaks, we cover them with a thick coating of rubber cement. It waterproofs the concrete and bricks from the worst storms and does not crack unless the house moves away from the foundation itself. 
For the interior, we inspect the basement for cracks and use a hydraulic cement compound to seal them. SERVPRO technicians then apply a waterproof, second layer consisting of masonry cement. The two together form an excellent barrier that stops even the smallest amount of seepage into a home. 
While no method is perfect, repairing your drain system and sealing off the basement are two significant steps in the right direction. For more information about how SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale can help you protect your home from floods, call us today at (479) 419-5544. 
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Full Fire Damage Restoration Services Available In Fayetteville

3/20/2019 (Permalink)

Restoring your home after a fire can be quite overwhelming, which makes it crucial to locate a qualified professional to assist.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

Restoring your home after a fire can be quite overwhelming, which makes it crucial to locate a qualified professional to assist. It helps to know that the company you choose to use has an association with the IICRC organization, giving you peace of mind knowing that you made the right choice.

The IICRC develops standards for the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industry, which makes it easier for homeowners in Fayetteville to locate a qualified fire damage restoration company when hazards occur on their property. When you find a company associated with this organization, you can rest assured that they can provide you with quality solutions to your problem.

Places like SERVPRO exist to give you access to resources that make recovering from fire damage easier, less expensive, and quicker than would be possible otherwise. Insurance companies like working with us because we offer customers with a one-stop solution to every problem that exists, this allows us to perform services for a better price and gives our customers better results.

If you are looking for a stress-free claims process, working with qualified professionals dedicated to providing you with fast, efficient fire damage restoration services, look no further. SERVPRO teams are available 24-hours a day, quickly respond to your emergency situation and help you cope with your situation. Our staff can even help you locate temporary housing and help you complete insurance paperwork required for your claim.

SERVPRO technicians understand how each type of damage affects another, often leading to a mix of methods to provide you with a full solution. Whether your fire consists of direct-damage or smoke damage that often lingers in hard to reach areas, our technicians can get the job done right. With access to industrial-grade equipment, advanced cleaning methods, and years of experience, you never have to call anyone else.

Make the call to SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale to receive the fire damage services you deserve. Our technicians are proud to provide you with quality, effective solutions to emergency situations that occur in your home (479) 419-5544.

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Damp Laundry can Spread Mold Damage in Your Fayetteville Home

3/20/2019 (Permalink)

Mold grows when conditions of moisture and heat in your laundry room or bathroom are right. Contact SERVPRO when you see or smell mold.

SERVPRO can Help Stop the Spread of Mold on Your Property

Dirty clothing landing in the hamper is what you expect your children to do, but when that laundry contains wet or damp items, microbes can proliferate inside the dark confines of the hamper. If your hamper rests against a wall in your Fayetteville home, microbes can easily find their way to the wall's surface and spread even more. Using a clothesline can help kill off any microbes infesting your clothing because sunlight is a natural killer of most microorganisms. 
To further protect your home from mold damage in Fayetteville, it is important to ensure that all line-dried clothing is completely dry before bringing any of it inside. Mildew does not care if damp clothing is clean or soiled – either is suitable and promotes microbial growth. Hanging shirts and slacks while still damp is known as an excellent way to remove slight wrinkling without the use of an iron. However, you should do this in an open area. Closed-off locations such as closets, bathrooms, and the area between an open door and the adjacent wall can slow evaporation and allow mildew spots to form on the garment. 
Setting aside any items that feel damp when folding clothing before placing it in drawers, and either re-hanging these damp articles or placing them for a short period in the dryer can keep mold from forming. Ironing slightly damp clothing until dry can also help attain an environment that contains fewer mold spores. Additionally, allowing laundry hampers to air out on a sunny day while open can kill mold and prevent strong odors from developing. 
Clothing can spread mold easily through your home. It is easier to reduce the microbial population found on clothing than it is to perform mold remediation after mold damage takes hold of your home. Once mold begins to thrive, you need a company like SERVPRO to carry out the steps involved in remediation. Certified in Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT), our technicians can restore your home's interior to a healthy environment. 
SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale wants to help you maintain a home free of abnormal levels of mold. From measuring devices that detect microbial activity levels to air scrubbers that remove pollutants and irritants in addition to mold particles and spores in the air, we have everything needed to contain and clean the area affected by mold damage. Whenever you find mold growth in your home, call us at (479) 419-5544. We answer our phones 24/7, every day of the year. 

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SERVPRO Provides Fayetteville Commercial Buildings with Help after a Water Loss

3/12/2019 (Permalink)

Fayetteville Hotel Guests Enjoy Water in the Pool--Not in Their Room! Call SERVPRO for Water Extraction

Efficient Water Removal Strategies for Your Fayetteville Hotel

Your Fayetteville hotel hosts guests all year round, and in the competitive market of accommodations, a mismanaged incident on your property could provide the kind of bad press to keep these visitors from returning. Water loss incidents threaten not only the immediate room in which they occur but also adjacent spaces in all directions. Whenever situations occur like toilet overflows or plumbing breaks within a room, reaching out to professional restoration technicians like ours can help to keep the damage contained and guests blissfully unaware of what has happened.

While you cannot predict the time that you might need water removal services for your Fayetteville hotel, the best solution is to remain prepared to contact professionals like our team whenever disaster might strike. With our fast response to emergencies 24/7, our SERVPRO technicians can work quickly to ensure that other areas of your property do not experience these same water damage effects. Ask us about our ERP Emergency READY Profile Plan to help prevent and mitigate physical damages to your building.

With a reputation to worry about, you need to focus mostly on providing a quality stay to all of your guests that could become impacted by an emerging situation like this. Fast extraction and drying equipment like our team arrives with can ensure that not only does the damage stay within the confines of the affected room whenever possible, but that we do not have excessive tear out and replacement to complete the restoration. Our goal is to be invisible to the occupants of the rooms.

With saturated elements like carpeting and faux wood flooring, we have specialized equipment to help dry out these affected areas and eliminate the possibility of secondary effects like mold and mildew growth. For carpets, our weighted extraction equipment can force moisture to the surface for removal by our high-powered vacuums, air movers, and dehumidifiers. For the wood flooring, we can utilize our injecti-dry system to pull moisture from planks until it reaches the desired moisture content to protect the flooring material.

When you need water removal services and expert drying for your hotel, every second counts. Reach out to our SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale rapid response team at (479) 419-5544. We're Faster To Any Size DIsaster.

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Fayetteville Stores Favor SERVPRO for Water Loss Mitigation--Real Fast

3/5/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's Business in Fayetteville is to Keep Your Business In Business. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Fast Extraction Techniques for Fayetteville Thrift Shop

Every day that your Fayetteville thrift shop is open, you have a steady flow of foot traffic into your business. People look to your second-hand store to provide quality bargains and deals on the items they are looking for, but more importantly, expect you to be open. When water loss incidents occur in the store, which can happen as readily as a sprinkler head breaking off in the ceiling, you need a fast response from qualified professionals to get your doors back open quickly.

From the time that the water loss incident begins in your Fayetteville store, whether it is a broken pipe or a malfunctioning sprinkler system, you need to react quickly to get professional water removal services on the way. Our SERVPRO team is available 24 hours a day with a fast response to emergencies that threaten your commercial property with effective extraction and drying equipment.

When our team arrives at your business, we can establish the full scope of the damage and the repairs needed to keep the situation from getting worse. We do offer plumbing repair through our licensed general contractors, ensuring that once the pooling water gets extracted and the affected areas dried, that you are no longer at risk for further water damage from the same compromised pipe.

Extraction is important to begin right away when our SERVPRO team arrives at your damaged thrift shop. We can bring in equipment like wet-vacs with extraction wands and portable sump pumps where they can get used. Mopping up the water and sopping up the excess is also an important step for excess water that does not require the full extraction measures. Drying steps to follow can help to protect linoleum or carpeting flooring from becoming irreparably damaged.

Water removal in a thrift shop challenges even our skilled technicians. We try to work fast, move around inventory and displays to preserve your investment.

When people count on your store being open, make sure that a water loss incident in your building does not keep your doors closed longer than necessary. You can reach our SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale rapid response team 24/7 by calling (479) 419-5544.

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Our Fire Damage Specialists Have The Advanced Solutions To Restore Your Home In Springdale

2/26/2019 (Permalink)

You can reach our crew at (479) 419-5544 any time.

Advanced Solutions That Help Improve Clean Up After Fire Damage in Springdale

Fire damages properties in different ways including depositing soot and other residues leaving surfaces blackened. The level of difficulty in removing such residues can be easy or difficult depending what the fire burned, and how intense blaze was, among other factors. The surface affected can also determine the difficulty level. For example, cleaning residues from the ceiling is more difficult than cleaning walls. Professional restoration companies use advanced solutions to improve results.

After fire damage in Springdale, residues soil many household items including electronics and fine jewelry. Residues such as soot are acidic so they can corrode the affected items if left in place for long. Cleaning up such valuable materials is tricky because you can damage them in the process. Our SERVPRO technicians utilize specialized equipment such as ultrasonic cleaners to clean non-porous valuables. An ultrasonic restoration cleaner has a pre-soak chamber, ultrasonic chamber, a rinse section, and a drying chamber guaranteeing proper cleaning.

When cleaning some sections of the house like the ceiling, you might face access challenges because of the elevation. Residues falling from the ceiling can also soil other areas such as walls and floors already cleaned. It is possible to overcome such problems with better planning and a degree of innovation. Our SERVPRO technicians organize the process so that cleaning starts in higher areas. We also add extension poles to spotting pad holders to ease access and the angle of attack when cleaning up ceilings.

Choosing a cleanup method should be done with care since it is possible to harm the surface physically in the process of removing soils. For example, surfaces covered in acoustic tiles can lose their sound deadening properties during cleanup. SERVPRO has developed a unique procedure for cleaning acoustical ceilings known as Peroxide Active Ceiling Cleaning. It is a water-based solution that utilizes stabilized hydrogen peroxide sprayed at 40-60 psi on the affected surface. The method works perfectly on blown ceilings that might deteriorate or dissolve if wet cleaning is utilized.

Advanced cleaning solutions help solve many seemingly tricky problems. Call SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale to assist you using such an approach. You can reach our crew at (479) 419-5544 any time.

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When Flood Waters Arise, SERVPRO Will Respond With A Lending Hand

2/18/2019 (Permalink)

Our team is here to take care of your Fayetteville home and restore the flood damage "Like it never even happened."

Debris Removal After a Flood in Your Fayetteville Home

Flooding can cause many problems for your Fayetteville home, the most pressing of which is the high volume of water that you now have through the penetration points. As challenging as this might seem to overcome, the right professional restoration team with the appropriate equipment can begin steps to return your home to its original condition quickly with a fast response to the emergency on your end. As pressing as water removal might be in situations like this, it is not the only pressing need that your property has.

While flood damages can affect your Fayetteville home in different ways, overcoming these effects is not something that the average homeowner has the time, resources, or equipment to do on their own. Your insurance provider can guide you to the information about what your policy covers regarding recovery after a natural disaster like this, but at the bare minimum, many of them offer their policyholders debris removal coverage. Our SERVPRO professionals can do this efficiently, saving you money and time. These steps also help to ensure that later reconstruction and remodeling efforts can occur quickly.

Debris removal often gets thought of as literal objects and scrap brought in with the rising waters, but the process is much more comprehensive than that. Our approach offers not just cleaning and extraction of floodwaters but also continues into controlled demolition of affected materials as well. With structural elements exposed, we can disinfect and clean studs, beams, and framework that can get preserved to prevent bacterial growth and bio-hazardous conditions from occurring.

It is not advisable for you to attempt debris removal and water extraction on your own following a flood because there is always a high risk of contamination. Our SERVPRO professionals have safety equipment and efficient machines designed to extract water quickly and allow our team to get to work on cleanup and demolition efficiently and cost-effectively.

Flooding can present some hurdles to overcome but choosing professionals like our SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale team can make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (479) 419-5544.

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Mold Damage Remediation In Fayetteville

2/7/2019 (Permalink)

Mold can grow fast and spread throughout your home call SERVPRO as soon as you spot mold to prevent significant damage to your home.

How Mold Affects Your Fayetteville House 

Understanding the ways that your Fayetteville home can become affected by various disasters can help you to prepare for the possible damages that could result. The better equipped you are with the information, the less likely you are to allow significant threats like mold growth to persist in your house and affect structural elements and the family living there. Mold can work quickly to spread throughout the property, and it begins with the right conditions that facilitate colonization. 

While many Fayetteville homeowners don't see mold damage as a huge concern, there is a cause for concern when you discover colonization in your house. With both damaging effects to the structure and integrity of the property, as well as the possibility of health effects for those within the house that get exposed to an active colony, reacting quickly is essential to protect what matters most. Our SERVPRO professionals have unique and extensive training in mold damage remediation to offer effective solutions for the removal of active colonies and restoration of the damage these organisms have caused. 

Moist and damp areas of your property provide the right conditions for naturally occurring mold spores to stick to surfaces, seat into them and begin growing. The trouble with avoiding these conditions is that many homeowners do not know that they exist until the mold has already formed and started to spread through neighboring surfaces and areas. 

Mold feeds on organic material, and that changes the composition of the hosting surface to become irreparably damaged eventually. Drywall is a common host material for mold colonies, as many of the walls in modern home construction use this construction element. It is also difficult for even our highly-trained SERVPRO team to restore after the mold has formed, which often leads to a need for demolition and later replacement. 

As you can see, reacting quickly at the first sign of mold can help to limit its spread and effect on your home. Give our SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale remediation specialists a call anytime that you need us at (479) 419-5544.

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Don't Let Water Cause Significant Damage To Your Hardwood Floors In Fayetteville

1/24/2019 (Permalink)

Our team can understand the gravity of the situation when flooring materials begin to absorb water damage that has occurred on your property.

Water Cleanup From Hardwood Floors In Fayetteville Homes

Many Fayetteville homes feature hardwood flooring throughout many of the open areas and living spaces. While this has become a trending feature in modern construction, it was also a staple for construction in houses that have antique appeal. Water loss incidents can occur with little warning, and with hardwood floors, and even laminate flooring that simulates hardwood, water can penetrate joints quickly to pose a significant threat to this construction material.

While many homeowners might not see water cleanup in Fayetteville as a cause to reach out to professional restoration technicians like ours, you might consider elements like your hardwood flooring. As these materials get exposed to moisture and water, absorption begins almost immediately. Surface water might still be accessible to conventional drying approaches, but what has seeped into the hardwood requires advanced equipment and fast response time from trained professionals.

Our SERVPRO team can understand the gravity of the situation when flooring materials begin to absorb water damage that has occurred on your property. Our professionals are available 24/7 to provide a fast and reliable response to any customer that needs assistance or water cleanup at any time. Our Green Fleet arrives at the address with highly-trained, certified technicians from our team and an assortment of our industry-leading equipment to begin drying out damaged elements immediately.

If we can get to a water damage situation fast enough, we can often avoid unnecessary demolition and tear out. Over just a couple of days, moisture trapped in the seams and joints of wood flooring can swell and distort the planks, causing them to sit irregularly and can even cause them to structurally fail depending on the severity of the underlying dampness.

Our SERVPRO professionals have thermal imagery cameras to identify moisture pockets and advanced equipment like large drying mats to slowly draw moisture out of hardwood flooring without damaging the material.

Water damage situations can happen with no warning, but how you respond to them is critical to preserving investments like genuine hardwood flooring. Give our SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale a call anytime that you want to clean and dry up a water mess fast. You can reach us anytime at (479) 419-5544.

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Restore Your Fayetteville Home After Water Damage

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

This ceiling is in need of repair after water damage has occurred.

Recovering Your Fayetteville Home After a Water Loss Incident

Water loss incidents can cause significant structural concerns for your Fayetteville home, and restoring the damage that it can cause often requires more precise equipment and expertise than the average homeowner can provide. Cleaning up excess water quickly is critical to ensuring that the situation does not perpetually get worse, and our certified professionals can help you.

While water removal might only be a step of recovering from a water loss incident in your Fayetteville home, having this step done quickly and correctly is important to protect the rest of your home that remains at risk from the spreading damage. Our SERVPRO professionals have containment strategies for the water damage that begins with effective extraction and continue into efficient and time-saving drying efforts.

Extraction involves multiple pieces of equipment that arrive with our SERVPRO Green Fleet. For severe situations, we have a truck-mounted extractor that can remove water at a rate of 300 psi to rapidly remove excess to prepare your home for focused drying efforts. Spot extractions can get handled with portable sump pumps and extraction wands. Effective extraction works to save our customers money and helps the technicians we dispatch to the address to recover more of the property without unnecessary tear out and demolition.

We take the time to mark overly damaged materials affected by the pooling water to make flood cuts. The commonly removed material in these situations is the drywall, as the composition of this structural element can become compromised quickly with exposure to water. We use controlled demolition techniques to remove only the damaged portions to make replacement take less time and ultimately cost less to the customer to complete.

Finding the best team to help you through water loss incidents and the critical extraction and drying to come is not difficult. Our SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale rapid response team is available 24/7 to handle any effect that water damage has on your property. We have the tools and experience to restore your home entirely and make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call at (479) 419-5544.

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Some Tips to Help Your Fayetteville Home Recover From a Mold Infestation

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Mold always appears at the most inopportune time. Contact our certified mold remediation team to investigate the cause and mitigate.

Crucial Steps for Effective Mold Remediation in Fayetteville

When mold affects your property, there is a need to take remediation steps immediately. Mold is said to cause health effects. It also leads to physical deterioration of the property, which can diminish its value. Establishing the source and drying off excess moisture, removing mold debris or porous materials it infests, and deodorizing the property, are some of the necessary remediation processes. We offer professional remediation services in Fayetteville to help restore your property to its preloss state.
Mold colonies form debris on the affected areas, so cleanup is part of mold remediation in Fayetteville. Debris removal might involve different steps depending on the level of infestation. Our SERVPRO technicians use vacuums with HEPA filters to remove loose debris from surfaces. We also wire brush or use other abrasive procedures to remove debris adhering to the surfaces. Alternatively, we damp-wipe the affected areas with professional cleaning agents.
It is possible to damage the materials infested by mold during the cleanup process especially if using mechanical abrasion or removing mold debris chemically. Such damages drive the costs of remediation up because of the need to refinish or even replace the ruined materials. Our SERVPRO technicians can help you avoid unnecessary damages by using specialized methods such as soda blasting to remove mold debris. In this process, we use sodium bicarbonate blasted at speeds exceeding 600 miles per hour over the infested areas. The process removes debris and kills spores without damaging the underlying materials.
All cases of mold infestation have an underlying moisture issue. Remediation processes can only be successful after dealing with the moisture. It is also essential to remove the moisture fast because mold growth is also fast. For example, if a property floods, growth can start within 24 to 48 hours. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on advanced water extraction and drying equipment. We also fast-track the process further by creating small drying chambers using 6-mil polyethylene.
Mold issues can recur if the remediation process fails. Call SERVPRO of Fayetteville/Springdale to help clean up your infested property. You can reach us at (479) 419-5544 any time.

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What to Avoid When You See or Even Smell Mold Damage in Your Fayetteville Home

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When your home's clogged gutters are contributing to the mold situation in your home, it's time to contact SERVPRO for a solution. Call us today.

Proper Roof and Gutter System Maintenance Crucial to Preventing Mold Damage in Fayetteville

When you smell a whiff of an unpleasant odor in your Fayetteville home the last place you might pinpoint as a problem area is your roofing and gutter system. Unfortunately, a failure to keep gutters cleared and downspouts operating properly can encourage water to enter your home in small but damaging amounts at the place where the shingles meet the decking and connect to the eaves. Once the water enters, mold growth can follow.

The wintry mix of precipitation common during the winter can exacerbate mold damage in Fayetteville. A gutter already full of leaves holds in ice and sleet, creating a pool of available water. Warm air rising out from your home contributes to a melting and freezing cycle, particularly if your insulation is insufficient. The water expands when it freezes at night, loosening the building material components that usually keep water out of your home. Opportunistic mold spores take advantage of the periodic infusion of moisture and grow. Our technicians can help break the cycle.

SERVPRO mold remediation crews have seen this type mold damage before and are ready to abate. We do not promise to eliminate mold entirely because it is impossible to eradicate all mold spores. Our mold remediators are ready instead to contain and remove active colonies and work with you to limit the possibility of future outbreaks.

The surfaces in your attic or upper levels infested with mold growth undergo evaluation by one of our experienced crew chiefs. We determine how to safeguard the other spaces of your home best as we go through the process of removing the mold and treating affected areas with EPA-registered antimicrobials. If you have living areas or HVAC system vents adjacent to the moldy space, we might choose to use an air scrubber to filter the moldy debris and exhaust contaminants.

Once SERVPRO crews finish removing and disposing of the mold, we consult with you to repair or replace the gutters and to improve the insulation coverage. Only when the source of moisture is eliminated can you move forward without significant concern about mold recurrence.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is a full-service mold remediation company ready to assist with any microbial outbreaks in your home. Call us at (479) 888-4350 to ensure a response that follows EPA protocols and helps limit additional mold problems.

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Call SERVPRO When Water Invades Your Fayetteville Home

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SERVPRO technicians assessing a home for damage.

Why SERVPRO Is A Water Damage Restoration Industry Leader In Fayetteville

Anytime you face a household emergency the clearest path to recovery involves the skills and equipment needed to halt the harm and restore the damage. Although any handy person easily manages some minor issues, including a homeowner, the damage done by water needs a professional’s attention. Our mission is simple -- providing fast and comprehensive recovery from water damage in our customers’ homes. Let us assist you when water invades your dwelling. 

Possessing the proper equipment and training to use it efficiently are two of the reasons why our technicians are your best bet for a successful water damage restoration in Fayetteville. Our investment in state of the art moisture detection tools, water removal machinery, and structural drying aids forms the foundation of our response. IICRC training adds a knowledge base that permits our team to get the most out of modern technology -- and to get the water out of your dwelling. 

Why SERVPRO is in the vanguard of restoration companies is also the breadth of our capabilities. Not only do we locate and mitigate the source of your water damage, but we also provide complete build back services to ensure once we bid you goodbye your house looks and feel “Like it never even happened.” We also work closely with your insurance, documenting the damage and providing clear evidence why we take each step in your individualized restoration plan. 

When we arrive, all essential equipment is on one or more of our green service vehicles. A competent assessment of the scene by our seasoned project manager is immediately followed by water removal and drying strategies by our skilled technicians. The ready to go response is why SERVPRO turns a water damage project from ruin to recovered quickly and professionally. Our reconstruction division augments the typical water loss tasks with needed rebuilding and repair in a seamless process. Avoid multiple contractors with our remediation to remodeling approach. 

Your complete relief and satisfaction after a disaster is why SERVPRO is in the restoration business. We have the trained crews and the equipment to deliver on our promises.

Let SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale take your water damage disaster in hand, restoring your property with professional pride and excellence. Call us at (479) 888-4350 round the clock, 365 days a year for a rapid assessment and immediate remediation.

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The Steps Our Team Of Experts Take To Restore Your Water Damaged Home In Fayetteville

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SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is uniquely positioned to support our customers through all phases of water damage cleanup.

Many Steps Taken On The Path To Comprehensive Water Cleanup In Fayetteville

When your Fayetteville home experiences a water loss, it is tempting to treat the cleanup as a simple matter. Mopping up the water or opening some windows while getting the fans going is a natural impulse and is recommended on some online sites. Homeowners who chose one tactic or the other might feel that their efforts take care of the problem. Water damage mitigation is more complicated than a few minutes of squeegeeing or airing out wet spaces. We can help.

Water cleanup in Fayetteville becomes necessary because of a variety of ordinary reasons. The intensity of the problem also varies and can change if not resolved completely. For example, a leaky pipe under your sink can seep for an extended period without notice but eventually breaks, sending water spreading throughout your kitchen. The wisest response is to contact our team rather than manage it yourself.

SERVPRO’s experienced crew of water mitigation technicians deals with the kitchen flooding and then finds the damage under the cabinets from the original leaking as they move through all the steps to clean up the water. Removing the kickboard at the base of the cabinet reveals a hidden pool of water that collected underneath. The structure of the cabinet is deeply saturated and might be showing signs of warping or deterioration.

This kind of issue is more frequent than you think and is why is it essential to spend time exploring the dimensions of the water damage, including using moisture meters or infrared scanners to “see” beyond the obvious puddle on the kitchen floor. Once SERVPRO removes all the water, visible and hidden, we then plan for structural drying. Extractors and pumps switch to air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to reduce moisture levels to normal readings.

One unfortunate side effect of unresolved water damage can be mold. If we discern microbial growth during a job, our technicians are trained to adapt the plan to include remediation efforts. SERVPRO is a full-service restoration company, permitting us to react professionally and appropriately to any unforeseen issues during a project.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is uniquely positioned to support our customers through all phases of water damage cleanup. Call us at (479) 888-2134 any time of the day or night for an evaluation of your water loss.

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How Proactive Measures Can Save Your Fayetteville Home From Damage

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Aging water supply and waste lines can expose dwellings to the risk of damage from below.

Infrastructure Maintenance And Repair (Or The Lack) Can Inflict Flood Damage On Fayetteville Homes

Residents of the historic areas of Fayetteville enjoy gorgeous landscaping and beautifully restored homes. Underground, however, the tidy and well-kept up neighborhoods can show their heritage less pleasantly. Aging water supply and waste lines can expose dwellings to the risk of damage from below. Our crews are familiar with the issue and can help in the event of flooding.

Ironically it is precisely when authorities take steps to bring hundred-plus-year-old utilities into the 21st century that flood damage can become most likely in Fayetteville properties. The intent of working on fragile, rusted pipes is to avoid disaster. That realization does not help when your home is one where the repairs go wrong, sending vast quantities of fresh water, at best, or sewage, at worst, into the lower levels of your home.

This scenario is a genuine crisis, requiring a flood damage remediation company with the speed and the capacity to respond immediately and efficiently to a complicated project. SERVPRO is Faster to Any Size Disaster, fully-equipped service vehicles, and crews at the ready 24/7. Our crews are IICRC trained in a broad range of assessment protocols and restoration techniques, prepared to handle even significantly contaminated flood waters and the challenges of moisture migration throughout the large spaces typical in older Fayetteville homes.

When we arrive, the project manager assesses the category of flood water invading your home. Typically this type of flooding is at least Category 2 and most often Category 3, or black water. The probability of dangerous pathogens in the water is high, meaning SERVPRO must contain the water as evacuated and dispose of it according to local regulations as hazardous waste.

Cellars and basements have many opportunities for flood water to collect and hide in inaccessible areas. Because of the microbial infestation present in gray or black water, it is crucial to open up all areas where moisture moved for draining and removal, and then disinfection with EPA registered products. SERVPRO crews use strategies like flood cuts to release water and provide access for critical cleanup and sanitization. We continuously test and monitor for residual moisture, and use innovative scanning techniques to detect trapped water in cavities.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale has the equipment and IICRC certified crews at your service if proactive plans become immediate emergencies. Call us at (479) 888-4350 round the clock for help when your treasured home floods.

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How Our Experts Can Get Your Business Ready For A Flood Damage Disaster In Fayetteville

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Disaster preparedness when flood damage impacts your business is the key to coming out ready to provide services and products again.

Plan For Disaster And Survive Commercial Flood Damage In Fayetteville

When a water catastrophe occurs in your Fayetteville business, the odds are not in your favor if you failed to anticipate the damage and the steps needed to recover. A sobering statistic from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) indicates that 40 percent of water damaged or otherwise devastated businesses close permanently. Among those that hang on, 25 percent fold during the year following the loss event. We have a system and app that can help.

Disaster preparedness when flood damage impacts your Fayetteville business is the key to coming out ready to provide services and products again. We developed a comprehensive disaster recovery planning tool we recommend to our commercial customers. The partnership between our trained and experienced crews and you and your management team permits us to return your business to preloss operation fast.

The SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan and Profile (ERP) combines a thorough professional assessment of your physical plant by our experienced project managers with your personalized preferences and priorities. We visit your business property before any disaster. Our manager evaluates the strengths and vulnerabilities of your premises through the lens of a seasoned flood damage restoration professional. Expect us to make suggestions implementable now to protect valuable equipment and stored items in the event of a flooding loss in the future.

We map out a blueprint of your production, retail, and storage areas. SERVPRO experts know how flooding events affect buildings, so we can plan in advance of a crisis for constructive strategies to remove excess water and dry out the structure and exposed contents. Our work crews can hit the floor running when we know what to expect, and that confidence and speed make considerable differences in the outcome of disaster response.

In addition to the Emergency Ready Plans our managers develop, you as a business owner or manager further customize the restoration schematic through the use of our mobile app. You take the time to complete the Emergency Ready Profile to add critical details. Identify key staff in your organization who can make decisions when you are absent or unable to react. List the vendors and contractors providing equipment and systems we must restore after the flood, relying on their expertise to get it right.

Nominate SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale as your trusted restoration service provider as you develop an ERP with our employees. One call to (479) 419-5544 gets the ball moving to protect your investment with a well-crafted Emergency Preparedness Plan.

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Water Damage In Your Fayetteville Home Does Not Stand A Chance Against Our Experts At SERVPRO!

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Cleanup needs to happen as quickly as possible to prevent ongoing damages and detrimental effects that lead to irreparable damage.

Fast Cleanup Of Water Damage In Your Fayetteville Home

When damages affect structural components and the contents of your Fayetteville home, you need professionals that can do what is necessary to resolve the situation fast. With water damage situations, cleanup needs to happen as quickly as possible to prevent ongoing damages and detrimental effects that lead to irreparable damage.

Even though water cleanup is something that many Fayetteville homeowners could insist they could do on their own, water loss situations require an immediate response from skilled technicians equipped with the right tools. Our SERVPRO water restoration technicians begin their training with the extensive IICRC-certification, which is the premier standard of the industry. They are encouraged and take part in ongoing in-house and e-learning options to improve their knowledge in essential recovery techniques such as mitigation and drying.

These skilled technicians are available to you for water cleanup, mitigation, and water damage restoration 24 hours a day through our response team. As water damage is time sensitive, having a crew of highly-trained technicians that can mobilize personnel and equipment efficiently reduces the impact that water loss incidents have on your property. Within a matter of minutes, water can absorb into walls, floors, upholstery, and your personal belongings. You need a team that can respond immediately to help.

The equipment that we use for water cleanup and restoration work is among the most advanced machines and tools available in the industry. We seek to have the best equipment possible, as this ensures that we can provide fast extractions, drying efforts, and premier cleaning solutions. Drying is an important step in water restoration, and our high-powered air movers can help to force dry areas at a much faster rate than they would through conventional approaches.

Water cleanup might seem like something that you could attempt on your own, but this often leads to inadequate drying and moisture removal, which can result in negative and hazardous secondary effects like mold growth. Trust our SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale 24-hour response team to arrive shortly after you call to help you clean up the mess fast. Call us anytime at (479) 419-5544.

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When Smoke Gets in Your Eyes- How to Neutralize the Lingering Fumes From a Fire in Your Springdale Home

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Smoke fumes are lingering effects from fires. SERVPRO can help you neutralize the odors and restore the air quality of your home.

Overcoming Smoke Damages After a Fire in Your Springdale Home

When disaster strikes your Springdale home, you might not entirely be aware of the effects of the incident until you can begin the process of cleaning up the mess and restoring the damage it caused to your residence. With situations like fires, widespread effects can sometimes get overlooked in light of the more pressing and immediate concerns like structural weaknesses or reconstruction needs. Our technicians can help you with every facet of fire restoration in your home.

Many people do not fully know what fire damages exist after one occurs in their Springdale home. This fact is partly due to the potential dangers that exist with assessing the damages on your own. One of the reasons that our SERVPRO emergency response team is available 24/7 is to help you understand the effects of a disaster to your home, no matter when that disaster occurs.

We begin to assess the full scope of the damages and map out a plan to restore these effects entirely as soon as our team arrives at your home. One of the effects that might seemingly get pushed to the side initially is smoke damages. While these are on the agenda to get resolved, it is often one of the final steps in our restoration process to deodorize all of the affected areas and contents of your home.

To do this, we require specialized equipment that helps us to modify the harsh odors left behind after a fire on a molecular level. Thermal foggers and hydroxyl generators can neutralize these odor molecules on contact, leaving no discernable scent behind. This process waits until any demolition, and other restoration steps have gotten taken to maximize its effect.

While you might see fire damages to your home as an intimidating presence, professional restorers like ours can take the weight off of your shoulders and help you to get your house back to the way it used to be. You can count on our SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale technicians to help through every step of this process. Give our emergency response team a call 24/7 at (479) 888-2403.

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Why Ignoring Water Damage in a Johnson Home Will Cost You More in the Long Run

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When the home is facing water damage, don't delay in calling SERVPRO. You could be preventing a mold infestation in your home with your quick action.

Unmitigated Water Damage can Affect Your Home in Johnson

SERVPRO helps families and businesses in Johnson by performing necessary mitigation and restoration work. Damage can happen to homes and other buildings under diverse circumstances. When water is involved, we act as quickly as possible to keep damage minimized.
Some of the events involve water damage in Johnson. When this type of damage seems slight to the property owner, many times people assume it will simply dry out and everything will be fine once it does. When a large quantity of water invades a home, drying out without some help can lead to other problems related directly to the water's presence.
Also, forcing something to dry too quickly can also increase the amount of damaging changes it experiences. Such changes become permanent. These include warping and cracking of wood products. Flooring must dry steadily and we have the equipment specifically designed to extract moisture at a steady rate. Heating these aspects of your home helps ensure that interior areas give up the moisture retained so the items dry correctly and with as little alterations as possible.
Some forms of water damage that we see affects drywall. This highly porous material absorbs moisture easily and when this occurs, the material is often ruined. However, when water comes into contact with drywall and we know to respond immediately after the incident, we can often keep swelling and disintegration from affecting too much of the wet material.
Water damage can also cause your home to smell 'off.' We address the issue of odors where they begin when we can locate the exact location. When water damage causes unwanted odors, we often use our hydroxyl generating equipment. This gas is safe and highly effective. It is safe enough that occupants do not need to leave the area while we treat it. It neutralizes odors and leaves the home with a pleasant, light scent instead. The effect is permanent.
SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is always ready to assist homeowners in Harmon and Elkins by mitigating water damage and the effects it can cause in the residential setting. Contact us by calling (479) 419-5544. This is our 24-hour service line, and we answer calls every day of the year.
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SERVPRO's Top Ways To Succeed In Restoring Your Commercial Property In Johnson After A Water Damage Incident

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When a water supply pipe leaks or a tenant allows water to overflow into a bathroom or kitchen in your building, water damage happens quickly.

Remediating Water Damage In Johnson Apartments And Condominiums

During seasons of heavy rain, it can be easy to forget that rental properties in Johnson are also at risk of water damage year-round from non-weather related issues. It is more common to deal with the deterioration of an apartment building's materials from plumbing leaks or appliance and equipment malfunctions than storm-related events. Regardless of the source, commercial water damage is a crisis, and we can help.

When a water supply pipe leaks, an appliance breaks down, or a tenant allows water to overflow into a bathroom or kitchen in your Johnson apartment building, water damage happens quickly. Although the water from a supply line starts out as clean, removal and cleanup must occur fast to avoid the progressive damage water can do to the structure and contents of a commercial space. We are Faster To Any-Sized Disaster, arriving as soon as possible with trained technicians and powerful water removal equipment.

Turning off the water to the property is the first task with a water damage scenario. Once we make sure to secure the water source,  SERVPRO’s emergency crew leader assesses the damage done to your business. We outline a water pumping and extraction plan, using truck-mounted and powered tools if the power is off in your building for safety reasons.

We use state of the art moisture monitoring and thermal imaging equipment to provide drying baselines and to locate water hidden in cavities on your property. Water flows down walls and along plumbing and electrical lines inside walls. Often water draining from one unit can damage others even more severely. SERVPRO Monitoring Technicians supervise the water removal and structural drying of your commercial building, making sure moisture levels return to normal in all spaces affected.

Drying done correctly involves keeping detailed drying logs and monitoring moisture readings continuously. SERVPRO takes pride in providing documentation that supports liability claims, and we work with your insurance company to limit your out of pocket liability during the restoration process. The records kept can be of great help in covering costs if any tenants must be relocated temporarily during the process.

Call at SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale at (479) 419-5544 if water damage from leaks or tenant negligence threatens your rental property. We're available 24/7 to respond to large and complicated business losses.

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The Advantages Of Hiring SERVPRO After A Flood In Your Johnson Home

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SERVPRO is prepared to conduct a pack out of your personal and household property when flooding threatens.

Why A Pack Out Is A Good Choice When Flood Damage Affects Johnson Homes

When seasonal storms bring large amounts of water into your home in the Johnson area, you might want to arrange for a pack out of your furnishings and personal possessions. Although it can be stressful to think about moving items out of your home as flooding approaches, choosing to transfer the contents of your home to a dry area eases overall water removal and structural drying tasks. Our professionals have both the training and experience to make it work well.

Our innovative inventorying process limits the chances that items go missing when flood damage affects items in your Johnson home. Our technicians are meticulous as we pack and label items, ensuring that when the floodwaters recede, we can return your property room by room. Removing portable articles allow our flood restoration crews to pump and extract water from your property’s structure in a streamlined fashion. Increasing the space and improving the airflow patterns allow structural drying with air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to proceed more quickly.

Insurance companies appreciate the thorough listing of personal property and the extent of the damage inflicted by flood waters. SERVPRO works closely with your insurance company as we evaluate the damage to furniture and household or personal goods away from the main flood recovery site. Pack-outs allow a systematic review of the harm and a matching of damage restoration techniques with the items involved.

When you try to sort through the chaos of flood damage inside your home, disposing of the majority of wet items initially might seem to make sense. The flooding effect can feel overwhelming, especially to homeowners with little or no familiarity with what advanced drying strategies can do. SERVPRO production technicians can clean up and dry items you thought were ruined, making the pack out a money and memory saver.

Specialized flood recovery techniques exist like freeze drying for books and documents. Speedy moisture removal for furnishings occurs when we create smaller drying chambers, concentrating the balance of air movement and dehumidification to return even thoroughly soaked items back to their original appearance, comfort, and function. SERVPRO takes our training and experience as an opportunity to return your property’s structure and contents to pre-damage condition.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is prepared to conduct a pack out of your personal and household property when flooding threatens. Call  (479) 888-2403 to discuss your options with our experts.

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Choosing Professional Restoration For Fire Damages In Your Fayetteville Home

9/11/2018 (Permalink)

Fires can happen with little to no warning and spread quickly throughout your Fayetteville residence.

Choosing Professional Restoration For Fire Damage

Fires can happen with little to no warning and spread quickly throughout your Fayetteville residence. More to this point, there are instances in which there is a clear cause for what caused the damage, and others which remain a mystery. Regardless of how it happened, your focus after the extinguishing completes is restoring the damages and getting your property back to pre-damage condition.

It is good to know your limitations when it comes to cleaning and restorative work for your residence. Homeowners can usually care for many of the lower-scale concerns that their residence faces, but with more widespread and penetrative fire damages in your Fayetteville home, this situation is better left to the professionals at SERVPRO.

Regardless of how a fire began, your first concern in getting the damage restored in your home is to assess just how widespread this damage is. An inspection should give you all of these details as well as a general idea regarding the cost and estimated ballpark timeline to get the process completed.

Another thing that you're going to want to think about that could keep you from being convinced to clean up this mess on your own is the requirements of the insurance provider that you have for the house. When you go to file a claim about damages incurred in a fire or some other type of disaster, they often seek to have these effects restored and repaired by licensed, certified professionals like those on our SERVPRO team.

One final consideration about choosing professional restoration for the fire damage in your home is the structural concerns for your house. You might not be able to assess the threats that exist in your home following a fire like a trained restoration specialist can.

There is little you can do when a fire breaks out in your home than to be hopeful that the first responders can reach it promptly. Once this is over and you have to assess the damage you face, contact the trusted and reputable SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale fire damage restoration specialists. We are available 24/7 by calling (479) 888-2403.

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What Does Proper Water Removal Look Like In Springdale?

9/4/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Can Rescue Hardwood Flooring from Water Loss When Called to the Springdale Home Promptly

Pumps, Vacuums, Mats and More Are Standard Inventory on SERVPRO's Green Fleet for Rapid Water Extraction

Although it is natural to open the windows and aim a fan at the puddles when standing water invades your Springdale home, professionals stress that removing as much water as possible with pumps and extractors is the first step in appropriate water damage remediation. The time it takes to dry out a residence after a water loss directly relates to the thoroughness of the water extraction step. We know how to balance the many aspects of water removal for overall success.

Speeding through the water removal sequence after damage to your Springdale home can cause its own problems. It is critical to get our water damage experts on the scene, but no one step of the process can be skipped or only partially completed for the best outcome. Our crews train extensively on the need to follow proper protocol when planning and to proceed on your project.

SERVPRO service vehicles are stocked with powerful submersible pumps and truck-mounted wanded extractors to pull the majority of the water off floors, out of carpets, and from hidden cavities. Our technicians master moisture monitoring techniques for overall drying goals, but suctioning as much water as possible from carpets, padding, and floors is the key.

One way that SERVPRO uses evolving technology to remove water more efficiently is with negative pressure drying mats. We use these on floors, sealing the mats and then extracting the water through hoses that connect the mats to each other and the equipment to permit the suction to reach many areas. We also use weighted wands to extract as much moisture as possible from carpeting, reserving the final steps of air movers and dehumidifiers for removing that last bit only after many passes of the extractor completes.

Emphasizing water removal over structural drying means that when the time does come for the air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers evaporation proceeds quickly. SERVPRO technicians use the science of drying efficiently, understanding that the water must be removed within 24 to 48 hours to avoid a mold growth complication to the water damage. We also encourage pack-outs when stored personal belongings interfere with airflow and are wet enough to slow the structural drying. The building recovers more quickly, and the packed-out items can get specialized attention.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale has the equipment ready to remove the water damaging your home. Contact us at (479) 888-2403 to meet with the managers and crew members who can transform your home back to preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

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Why Mold Damage in Your Springdale Home Should Concern You

8/31/2018 (Permalink)

Springdale Demolition by SERVPRO--Don't Delay Mold Remediation--Save Money and Stress

Springdale Properties Can Degrade from Mold Infestations without Remediation--Call SERVPRO

There are many threats that your Springdale home may experience throughout its lifetime, and many of these you can take care of on your own with limited expense. Certain conditions, such as fungal and mold growth throughout areas of your residence, require specific professional expertise to overcome and ultimately restore. Many homeowners are under the impression that mold in their home is not that much of a risk, and here is what you should get concerned about if you discover a colony in your house.

While mold damages might affect multiple areas and surfaces throughout your Springdale home, most of the time, this occurs in areas that you might not frequent as often as you should. Mold growth occurs when you are not actively looking for it and can spread quickly throughout the affected area once it has the opportunity to seat and thrive. Our mold remediation technicians have encountered many homes where the mold growth can reach the point of a health issue, not to mention the structural concerns that come along with it.

You see, mold growth in your home is much like any living organism. It needs food to continue to grow, spread, and thrive. The food source for mold colonies is organic materials usually found in the construction elements of your home. For example, drywall and wood framing are often easy targets for active mold spores looking to colonize. As the colony grows and seats more deeply, this material erodes and degrades as it feeds the organism, eventually reaching the point of being unsalvageable to professional technicians.

Even more alarming than the potential structural concerns for an active organism spreading throughout your home, is the possible health effects that could come along with it. Exposure to active colonies has gotten linked with several health risks, especially to those in your home that already struggle with respiratory concerns. Our SERVPRO technicians have the safety equipment to get in and isolate the area, working to reduce the organism’s reach while we remove the colony or the material it has used to grow. We are not, nor do we claim to be doctors, but here is a reference concerning possible health effects caused by these fungi put out by the EPA.

Mold is something that you want to get taken care of as soon as you find it growing in your home. You can always depend on the emergency response team at SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale to help you effectively neutralize the threat and return your home to original conditions, "Like it never even happened." Give us a call anytime at (479) 888-2134.

HERE is downtown Springdale.

Flash Flooding and Its Damage a Reality in Springdale

8/14/2018 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO Headquarters for Mitigating Flood Damages in Your Springdale Area Home

Springdale Storm Damage and SERVPRO's Fast Assessment and Action to Mitigate Damages

The intensity of late summer rains is challenging to predict in the Springdale area. When heavy rain falls on our city and in the Ozarks surrounding the Springdale Plateau, the quantity adds up to flooded streets and homes. Dealing with flooding is nearly impossible on a do-it-yourself basis. Homeowners simply do not have the tools nor the time to complete the mitigation in a tight time-frame. We keep in inventory the specialized equipment and trained technicians to manage a flood damage scenario.
Higher elevations around Springdale contribute to flood damage to area dwellings. The rain moves down the Ozarks and joins with the precipitation falling directly on the residential areas. When several inches fall during one event, especially if high winds damage roofs or siding, giving the rain an avenue into your home, water can build in your basement or lower levels. Another way significant amounts of water can flood your home is when training occurs. Training is a series of storms that pass over the same area during a relatively brief span of time. No matter why the water intruded, we can help restore a home affected by flooding.
The saturated ground needs a place to send excess water. SERVPRO teams follow up when the natural “wet to dry” cycle means the water puddling outside your home seeps inside through your foundation’s structure. Our crews assess the extent of the seepage, including using advanced technologies like infrared camera imaging to scan for hidden pockets of water inside cavities and the cells of building materials like cinder blocks.
We then devise a water removal plan, including containment and proper disposal steps if the water includes sewer backup, household chemicals stored in the flooded area, or overland flooding. SERVPRO pumps and extracts the water with our commercial grade equipment, and then dries out the affected spaces with air flow, heat, and dehumidification. Particularly if the flood waters show contamination, we sanitize the surfaces with an EPA registered antimicrobial product to kill lingering pathogens and inhibit mold growth.
Count on the skilled technicians at SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale to assist when extreme weather pours many inches or even feet into your lower levels or crawl space. We commit to being available 24/7. Call us at (479) 888-2134 to send a professional crew to your home.

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Water Cleanup And Build-Back Restoration For Your Johnson Home

8/2/2018 (Permalink)

Sometimes the damage done by an emergency to your home needs more than straightforward water removal and drying.

Water Cleanup And Build-Back Restoration

Sometimes the damage done by an emergency to your Johnson residence needs more than straightforward water removal and drying. The stress of finding a reliable water removal company can be surpassed by the anxiety of engaging a construction firm when the first business limits its help to remediation only. Our company offers both high-quality water cleanup and build-back restoration, streamlining the process.

Before a homeowner can even think about reconstruction for a Johnson home, water cleanup must complete. Regardless of how the water invaded your home, it must be contained and removed fast. The timeline needs to be short because the materials used for most housing construction are particularly vulnerable to water damage. Framing and supportive structures, as well as floors, usually are wood and metal, both of which begin to break down when saturated with water. Wood swells and metal oxidizes, both losing tensile strength if remediation is slow.

Many other structural components are made of cellulose derivatives such as drywall, ceiling tiles, or laminates. SERVPRO crews work tirelessly to pump out and extract the water damaging your home, but some of these materials begin to crumble, dissolve, or split apart after just a few hours of water exposure. We also need to remove sections of some of these materials to reach hidden caches of water in the cavities behind walls and under and above floors and ceilings. For example, when several inches of water floods a space, our crew might determine to make “flood cuts” above the water line to permit our drying equipment to access the spaces between walls.

Before your home can achieve the “Like it never even happened.” condition SERVPRO promises, these deteriorated materials and removed sections need rebuilding. Our roster of employees includes crews with training and experience in the construction industry that can make the repairs and replace the missing materials so that we can complete the restoration. We believe this service is key to reducing the stress felt by our customers as they struggle with all the aspects of moving past the water disaster that impelled your initial call to us.

For a full-spectrum water cleanup and build-back of damaged structural components, SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is the local restoration industry choice. Contact us at (479) 419-5544 to see how we can take your home from apparent ruin to ready for the final touches that bring it back to preloss condition.

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Putting The Pieces Back Together After Fire Damage To Your Fayetteville Home

7/25/2018 (Permalink)

Structure fires can get out of control in a hurry, even with the immediate response times of first responders in the Fayetteville area.

Putting The Pieces Back Together After A Fire

Structure fires can get out of control in a hurry, even with the immediate response times of first responders in the Fayetteville area. Within a brief period, the contents and structural integrity of your home are at considerable risk, and you start to consider how this can ever look like the house it used to be once again. Fortunately, this is not a process that you have to deal with on your own.

From the moment that the fire gets extinguished in your house, your insurance company is already likely working with the policyholder to determine the best course of action in setting things right again. Often, this falls on the shoulders of our trusted SERVPRO team who has worked directly with insurance companies on a regular basis. Ultimately, the objective is full restoration of fire damages to your Fayetteville residence.

With widespread damages, your insurance company is going to require a detailed estimation of the cost of the work and what specifically has to happen to restore the damages your home sustained in the fire. This process gets accomplished with one of our estimators, who makes a list of the equipment needed, the damage sustained, and the irreparable areas that need to get demolished and reconstructed.

As is the case with many wide-spreading house fires, there are areas of the construction that are too badly damaged to repair or restore. In these cases, our SERVPRO professionals work to offer build back construction services to reconstruct the demolished areas and make it all a little more "Like it never even happened."

Other effects get dealt with in various ways, from smoke and soot damages to water restoration from the extinguishing efforts.

Ultimately, our team of professionals is a one-stop choice to completely renovate and restore your home after a severe fire incident. While it might seem overwhelming at first, our SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale restoration technicians can help you to clean up the mess and reconstruct the house to restore all of the fire's effects fully. Give SERVPRO a call anytime that you need us at (479) 888-2134.

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Hidden Causes of Springdale Mold Damage Rarely Surprise SERVPRO

7/15/2018 (Permalink)

Don't hide mold damage with cleaners and aerosol sprays. Contact SERVPRO to remediate the mold infestation and remove the odors.

SERVPRO Technicians Root Out the Origin of Mold Damage in Your Home

Water and mold damage have a symbiotic relationship in your Springdale house. If you have experience with the odd places water can migrate within your home, it might not come as a surprise that mold also surfaces (or hides) in unexpected places. We are familiar with the connection between mold growth and a wide range of water sources and can help with remediation regardless of the source of the moisture.
Mold damage in Springdale can grow on any available organic surface as long as moisture fuels the spores constantly in the air or settled on building materials and the contents of your home. Mold does not require light to multiply, so it is common for it to proliferate between walls, in closets, and even behind rarely moved furnishings or window coverings. No matter where we find mold damage the principles for remediating it are the same. We contain it, remove it, and use EPA registered disinfectants to inhibit further mold growth, leaving the area ready for final restoration by your contractor.
Homeowners who attempt to treat a minor visible mold stain with over the counter remedies or try ignore the musty smell by covering it up with air fresheners often receive a shock when an expert reveals the extent of mold growth. Damaged or incorrectly attached gutters and downspouts can direct water under siding where it soaks into the structure’s framing and destroys insulation. A residing or remodeling project that opens up a portion of a wall can lead to a pressing need for SERVPRO to provide mold remediation due to this seemingly unrelated maintenance issue.
Condensation provides perfect conditions for mold growth and is not limited to steam on a mirror or window. When a cooler surface comes in contact with moist air, water vapor condenses, including when an inadequately insulated cavity between exterior and interior walls allows cold air to build up condensation behind furniture or draperies. Air conditioning systems that drain off planned condensation poorly also can incubate fungal growth and damage.
If you have any suspicion of mold damage in your home, contact the expert mold remediation team at SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale. One call to (479) 888-2403 permits us to meet with you for a thorough inspection and evaluation, leading to a remediation plan if your suspicions prove correct.
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Fire Damage Follows Home Improvement Project In Springdale

7/6/2018 (Permalink)

Improperly Stored Items May Mean Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup for Springdale Homes--Call SERVPRO for Help

SERVPRO Says to Properly Store Combustible Materials to Prevent Fires

Although many people in Springdale might think the warning on the paint can or solvent is overly cautious, the fact is a significant number of fires happen because of improperly discarded oily rags. Over a thousand homes per year experience fire due to spontaneous combustion according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), The majority of the combustion scenarios involve oily rags. If your home is one of them, we are ready to help with post-fire restoration.
If you fail to properly manage the cleanup of a typical household project like staining a deck or painting a room you can face fire damage to your Springdale home. Oily rags used for wiping and cleaning can pile up as you complete a project. Some oils can oxidize, creating their own heat with no need of an external source, and igniting the material used to absorb them. If the rags are near other volatile substances, a serious blaze can result. We are familiar with the types of residues left on surfaces after oil-based combustion and can assist in removing them and the odor that also remains.
The soot left behind from spontaneous combustion can be thick and sticky. The SERVPRO crew dispatched to your home matches the consistency and source of the soot with the proper cleanser among the range of professional cleaners we employ in our restoration projects. The production team leader on your job assesses the consistency and characteristics of the soot and develops a plan that safely and efficiently eradicates it. If chemical extinguishing products subdued the fire, we consider that as we choose products and methods to remediate the fire damage.
An oil based fire typically leaves a strong and unpleasant odor. SERVPRO takes a deliberate approach to odor elimination. First, we remove the burned items and clean the affected space with appropriate products. If odor remains, we consider using thermal foggers that recreate the fire conditions as deodorizers combust in a heated chamber and bond with the odiferous particles, modifying them, so they are odor neutral.
We also use advancements in this restoration specialty, including hydroxyl generators and other oxygenation equipment. UV light creates radicals that change odor-bearing particles at the atomic level, rendering them free from noxious smells. Air scrubbers fitted with HEPA and carbon filters can also relieve the air of unwanted odors. SERVPRO also considers sealing odors into structural components, creating a barrier that prevents the odors trapped within building materials from releasing in vapor form into the air.
SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale has the knowledge and the trained crews to manage fire damage recovery of any type or extent. As soon as possible after the blaze extinguished, call 479) 419-5544 to start the remediation process.

An inside look at the Springdale Fire Dep't, click

Unexpected Mold Damage In Springdale Apartments

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Provides Mold Remediation for Apartments and Rental Units in the Springdale Area

Springdale Landlords Often Rely on SERVPRO for Mold Remediation

Springdale landlords are all too familiar with some tenants leaving rentals dirty and full of abandoned property. An earnest effort to clean up a trashed apartment is often all that is needed. Add in a couple of repairs, some fresh paint, and most units are ready for the next residents. Landlords dread finding evidence of mold damage as the discovery complicates readying the apartment between tenants, We can help.
Mold damage in your Springdale apartment building traces its origin to many things. A source of moisture and organic materials for food are all that mold spores need to provide the perfect environment for microbial growth. Lax housekeeping and a failure to bring items to your attention on the part of your departing renters exacerbate the circumstances in a rental scenario. Our trained technicians and innovative products and equipment offer a solution to ensure you may not lose rental income.
As our SERVPRO crews assess your rental units, we look for the moisture behind the mold. Unless the moisture is managed mold threatens to recur. Spills that go unmopped, minor plumbing leaks that are unnoticed and unreported, and malfunctions of appliances that a tenant is afraid or disinterested to mention promptly can be the fuel for a mold explosion. These water problems must be resolved, or our mold remediation services give you only temporary resolution.
SERVPRO mold remediation crew members train to the highest restoration industry standards, mastering Applied Microbial Remediation through IICRC courses. We employ the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed protocols to contain and remove active mold colonies. Our crews also use EPA registered antimicrobial products to treat surfaces after removal to inhibit additional growth.
During remediation, we protect our employees and your other tenants by creating zones within the apartment building where we remove and bag the mold and contaminated debris. Physical barriers provide one kind of protection, and we also install HEPA filtered exhaust ductwork and use negative air pressure to prevent airborne mold and residues from infiltrating other units or unaffected areas of the damaged apartment. HEPA filter equipped vacuums assist us as we clear away the particles settling on surfaces. The depth of the above efforts is dependent upon the extent of the mold infestation.
Remediate your rental units when mold damage is evident by engaging the services of SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale. One call to (479) 419-5544 brings an experienced and compassionate team of skilled mold abatement technicians to your apartment complex ready to evaluate the scene and get to work.

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Cooking Increases The Fire Damage Risk Indoors And Out In Springdale

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

A fire that starts in an indoor or outdoor food preparation area features protein, fat, and grease in the smoke.

Cooking Increases The Fire Damage Risk

Springdale summertime fun includes firing up the grill and serving family and friends favorites like burgers, brats, chicken, and ribs. If your carefree mood means you neglect some BBQ safety tips, errant coal may transform fun to fear. When outdoor grilling puts your home at risk of fire damage, we can help.

A flare-up can catch an overhanging eave or a patio umbrella and soon ignite a supporting exterior wall of your Springdale home. Fire damage to a residence is no less devastating because it begins outdoors. Once the blaze takes hold, it can spread quickly into your home. If the winds are strong, the fire can grow fast and threaten a whole house catastrophe. Your first call is 911 and the second is to our 24-hour number to arrange for reliable and speedy fire damage repair.

When the firefighters leave, SERVPRO’s crew arrives. Our production manager takes a quick walkthrough, assessing the tasks needed to return your home to pre-fire condition. We make sure remediation of the effects of the chemicals and water used to knock down the flames are part of the integrated plan. Safety constraints require that the “slip and fall” possibilities posed when slick decks and floors are part of the restoration area need immediate attention. Removing the water and chemicals allows us to move onto the soot and smoke cleanup hurdles.

A fire that starts in an indoor or outdoor food preparation area features protein, fat, and grease in the smoke. The particulates may not combust completely, leaving a sticky thick and black residue inside and out. Protein-based smoke coat surfaces with a thin but tenacious film, almost like a varnish. SERVPRO crew members train extensively to be able to match cleaning products and tools to the type of soot left behind.

We may need a solvent or cleaning agent with wetting agents and surfactants to loosen the bond between the soot and the surface. SERVPRO stocks fire damage response service vehicles with a range of cleaners and equipment to make short work of the debris left behind. Sometimes we employ abrasive cloths or sponges to scour away the soot, Materials that burned hotter can leave a loose ashy byproduct that can be removed with dry sponges or our powerful vacuums.

When accidental fire makes a BBQ a tense and scary event, SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is here to bring back the joy of summer. Call (479) 419-5544 when the fire is out, and we pledge to make it “Like it never even happened.”

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Opt For Professional Water Removal In Fayetteville

6/6/2018 (Permalink)

Although difficult to tell, this home has water damage under the flooring from a drain line overflowing. With the proper tools, our technicians were a

SERVPRO has equipment avaliable to remove water from your home

When a homeowner in Fayetteville experiences a water disaster, the list of tasks necessary to return the property to preloss condition can be long. Prioritizing projects include deciding to hire professional help for some of the jobs. Water removal requires specialized equipment, the operation of which is best managed by certified and seasoned technicians. Partner with our veteran water extraction crews for fast and efficient results.

When a pipe breaks or an appliance malfunctions, water removal is job one in your Fayetteville dwelling. Vast quantities of water can fill the room where the accident occurred over even a brief period, and migrate to other areas of your house. Ridding your property of the water relies on access to a fleet of powerful high-efficiency water pumps and extractors, rarely owned by or available to the average homeowner. Each of our service vehicles contains submersible pumps and wanded wet vacuums ready for use immediately after our production managers assess your emergency. We can start the removal process even if your power is temporarily unavailable.

Because excess water by its nature moves throughout your home after a plumbing or appliance fail, effective removal compels a thorough inspection for hidden caches of moisture. The SERVPRO water removal crews we dispatch are familiar with precision moisture measurement tools and advanced scanning technologies that locate water wherever it collected. Finding all the moisture stemming from the accident is crucial as water left to soak into structures and personal possessions leads to secondary damage such as mold growth and permanent ruin to the building materials and contents involved.

Although in theory you may feel up to the challenge of removing water on your own, the fact is our trained and experienced crews have the advantage of the speed of many hands and the confidence built on repetition and training. After only 24 to 48 hours, lingering moisture can support a burgeoning microbial outbreak. Materials like drywall crumble and hardwood swell and buckle. SERVPRO involvement provides you with the appropriate scaled response to ensure the water exits your home before irreparable damage occurs.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale prepares our water removal crews for speedy and professional outcomes when responding to your emergency. Call us at (479) 419-5544 to schedule an assessment and institution of a comprehensive water removal plan. We answer 24/7, every day of the year.

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Storms can Bring Water Damage into Your Johnson Area Home through Open Windows or Worse

6/4/2018 (Permalink)

Water entered this home through a window during a storm. Flooring and drywall were removed to dry the area thoroughly.

Storm damage from an open window

Warm weather can make it tempting to leave windows open so that fresh breezes can pull pleasant scents inside from the great outdoors. Having blooming flowers nearby can perfume your home naturally and help raise oxygen levels in your home, also. Storms that replenish these plants can cause problems for homeowners, though, when windows stay open and rainwater leaks inside.

Other situations can cause Johnson homes to sustain storm damage. These include downed power lines or trees that break holes into the roof, letting rain collect in the upper area of your residence. Patio doors can also provide a way for rain to splash up and onto the floor.

The experts at SERVPRO assists homeowners with extraction and clean-up of all types of water. When damaging water comes from storm activity, we do not need to worry as much about the source's location like we must when an interior leak caused the situation. Instead, we concentrate on drying out the home before damage can become a problem and remove any materials where damage already occurred.

Water damage around and under window sills can affect wooden frames and cause them to swell, making it difficult to open and close. Metal frames can rust and flake off paint. Cleaning these areas can make metal frames functional again, while wooden ones may require the installation of replacements.

These areas can only grow over time unless mitigated and cleaned up. We perform this work according to accepted standards to ensure our customers that their home becomes safe again. Dangerous entryways make themselves known quickly, while similar areas under windows can permit easier access to outside pests. Keeping your home safe for you and unwelcoming to vermin and insects helps protect your family and guests.

The technicians of SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale want to help your family live in a safe, dry home, free of the problems rainwater can cause when it enters your home. Tontitown and Harmon residents with such dilemmas can get these issues resolved quickly by calling us at (479) 419-5544. Our number is always available, every day of the year, and we perform water extraction and clean-up services for all types of water damage, regardless of the source.

More data on the city of Johnson can be found by clicking here.

Why Choose Professional Mold Remediation in Fayetteville?

5/25/2018 (Permalink)

Finding mold in your home can be overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO to investigate and remediate the damage.

Team SERVPRO Finds the Hidden Mold on Your Property

When homeowners in Fayetteville notice a musty smell or see furry or feathery residues on structural components of their property they may identify it as a mold infestation. Some try to remove and clean up after the mold on their own. Other opt for a professional mold remediation service. Which is the wisest course -- do it yourself or expert mold remediation?
Mold damage in a Fayetteville house can pose complications the average homeowner may not anticipate and be more extensive than it appears on the first impression. Because of all the variables possible, including the risk of progressive property damage and health effects on susceptible people living or visiting your home, consulting with our trained mold remediation crew is a proactive step toward preserving your home and comfort.
Professionals Find Even Hidden Mold
SERVPRO professionals assess your property carefully to determine where the mold thrives, including cavities and recesses between walls, above ceilings, and in basements and attics. Removing a visible mold colony without further investigation and treatment of hidden mold growth invites the fungi to rebound in the area treated quickly and to continue multiplying out of sight.
Professionals Assess All Indoor Spaces For Remediation
Mold spores easily become airborne and move room to room through doorways and halls. If vents for your HVAC system are near a mold outbreak, the ductwork can carry spores throughout your home. SERVPRO inspects HVAC systems to look for active mold growth and can recommend and deliver cleaning if indicated to improve air quality and limit the spread of microbes.
Professionals Receive Advanced Training
The SERVPRO crew members answering your call master the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) procedures developed as the mold remediation industry standard before working on your home. Attempting to clean up mold damage without following a protocol that mandates containment, proper removal techniques, and the use of EPA registered antimicrobials can be incomplete or cause the mold to spread to other areas of your home.
Professionals Employ State Of The Art Equipment And Products
Containing and removing mold from surfaces is often most successful when tools such as air scrubbers and air fogging equipment team with effective cleaning and disinfection products. Professional grade negative air pressure HEPA filtration systems or thermal foggers prove very useful to remediate mold damage employe in the hands of a trained and certified mold abatement technician. SERVPRO invests in the necessary equipment and is continually upgrading both tools and products to offer professional mold remediation to our customers.
If mold damage is a concern in your home, SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale can help with expert mold remediation services. Call us at (479) 419-5544 when you first suspect mold for a thorough assessment and treatment plan.

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What You can do if Spring Flood Damage is a Challenge in Johnson

5/7/2018 (Permalink)

Make sure that you and your family are safe before returning to your home after a storm. Contact SERVPRO to assess the damage and remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians can Offer Options for Items That You May Have Assumed Could Not be Restored

A year ago flooding was in the news for Johnson and other areas of northwest Arkansas in late April and early May. If Mother Nature hits our area again with heavy rain, chances are good you may need to act fast if the water starts to mount up. We have some tips for you to implement while you wait for our crews to arrive at your property.
Before you enter any area of your Johnson home affected by flood damage, be sure to take safety precautions. The wet floors and other surfaces pose slip and fall risks, and if any electrically powered appliances, lights, mechanical systems, or other items are present be sure the power is turned off in the flooded space. We do not recommend you wade through water several inches deep or use your own vacuum; our pumps and extractions equipment are specially designed to handle deep water.
If the flooded area is carpeted, slip foil or wooden blocks under furniture legs. This inhibits the transfer of dyes and stains. Scatter or throw rugs should be removed and hung to dry. Consider moving anything that is light and portable to higher ground and dry their surfaces with towels. Turn on dehumidifiers and AC if safe to begin reducing moisture. SERVPRO crews can inventory and pack out furnishings and other items too heavy or numerous for you to move out on your own.
Pick up clothing, shoes, books, toys, magazines, and the like from the floor. Any boxes of files, documents, pictures, and records needs removal from the damp. Make no decisions right now about which items to toss and to save. SERVPRO can guide you to contractors who work wonders restoring wet items back to their previous function, including paper and fabrics you might have thought were ruined. We have access to advanced drying technologies including freeze drying for books and other paper products and laundry and dry cleaning facilities for clothing, linens, and decor.
At SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale, we work with every customer’s particular scenario to recover from flooding and water loss. Call us at (479) 419-5544 for an evaluation of your flood remediation needs.

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High-Efficiency Equipment Helps Remove Water From Springdale Retail Spaces

4/30/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Mitigates Water Damage in All Types of Springdale Retail Shops

SERVPRO Offers Advice and Equipment to Mitigate Water Damage

When a pipe breaks, an appliance overflows, or roofs and gutter systems cannot handle precipitation, Springdale retailers can be wading in inches or even feet of water. This type of water event is not one regular cleaning services, or on-staff housekeeping can manage. You need the help of a firm specializing in high-volume water removal.
The damage moisture can do to your Springdale shop or store is significant; commercial water removal must happen swiftly. Your inventory can be at risk as well as threats to electronics, records, and building structures. Getting the water out fast is the best chance you have to move towards complete recovery from this catastrophe. Our staff trains and we invest in equipment designed to accomplish quick and thorough water removal.
When SERVPRO arrives at your business, our crew leads take the time to inspect the premises and listen to your concerns. We understand how devastating this event feels, but we prepared our crew to mitigate precisely this kind of disaster, so you and your staff can be confident in our services. Found on board all our services vehicles are powerful submersible pumps and wanded water extractors. This equipment helps eliminate standing and then residual water from your commercial property swiftly.
Our team members work together to secure the area and begin the removal process. SERVPRO employees have the knowledge from Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification classes to determine if the water is clean or contaminated. We contain and remove the water for appropriate disposal according to local codes if any sewage, chemicals, or other significant contaminants are present.
Our goal is to remove visible water and take steps necessary to locate and extract water hiding in less accessible spaces. SERVPRO employees use moisture meters and advanced scanning equipment to locate pockets of water caught between walls, under floors, or above ceilings. We have a range of strategies to employ to release the trapped water including drilling holes, loosening or removing drywall sections, and using wand extractors to get into small areas.
The crew employs the tenets of applied structural drying to reduce the moisture levels to normal after the majority of the water is removed. Air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers help with this, and we have all of this equipment at hand during the project. Thermal hygrometers can indicate when standard levels of comfortable humidity have been restored to the workspace.
To remove water from a commercial space quickly and thoroughly look no further than the talented folks at SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale. Call us at (479) 419-5544 round the clock for an assessment of your business’s water loss.

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Mitigating Commercial Water Damage After Firefighting Efforts In Johnson

4/25/2018 (Permalink)

When the Fire Is Extinguished in Johnson, Call SERVPRO for Water and Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Rely on SERVPRO for Dual Cleanup and Restoration after Fires and Water Extinguishing Efforts to Your Work Place

When your commercial property suffers a fire, the many tasks necessary to put you to back in business is overwhelming. One aspect of recovery you can find surprising yet inevitable is the critical need to remediate water damage caused by efforts to extinguish the blaze. Our highly-qualified restoration crews stand ready to address water damage as well as to manage other fire damage issues.
Dealing first with water damage to your Johnson business after a fire is necessary first and foremost for safety. Our crews and your employees and customers can injure themselves by slipping and falling or risk shock or even electrocution if the water remains on the premises during restoration. Removal of water and structural drying is crucial to prevent the progressive deterioration, and the secondary harm water incursions threaten. Microbial growth and damage can occur within 24 to 48 hours if moisture remains. We want to remove water and reduce moisture levels in building materials fast to limit the overall damage. Our crew members have the training, expertise, and equipment to accomplish that goal.
Our SERVPRO crews use submersible pumps and powerful extractors to evacuate the water from your business. When a fire is knocked down with water-bearing hoses, the mission focuses on halting the flames as soon as possible. Firefighters do not concern themselves with moderating water use to avoid water damage. Consequently, water is applied generously to all surfaces without regard to the harm it may cause. We address visible standing water as well as hidden pooling of water in recesses, beneath floors, between walls, and over ceilings, among other spaces water can collect when extinguishing a fire.
During training provided through IICRC sanctioned courses, our SERVPRO technicians master the processes of measuring moisture content and employing advanced scanning technology for hidden caches of water. We use this data to inform our determination of drying targets. We use air movers, heat, and dehumidifiers to reduce the moisture levels of the damaged commercial structures to normal and acceptable levels. Once the water damage abates, our focus can shift to the next wave of fire damage remediation efforts.
We strive after the cleanup and restoration of the fire-damaged materials and items to eliminate any remaining noxious odors. Our goal is to make you, your employees, and you customers feel "Like it never even happened."

Post-fire recovery almost always includes the need to address water damage connected to firefighting activities. SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale has the technicians, experience, and equipment to manage fire-related water damage. Call (479) 419-5544 as soon as the authorities allow for scheduling an inspection and development of a water remediation plan.

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Local Landmarks Rely on Professional Water Damage Remediation in Tontitown

4/13/2018 (Permalink)

Call on the professionals at SERVPRO for expert commercial water damage restoration services.

SERVPRO is Here to Help Restore Your Business after Water Damage

For over 100 years our area has been known for its Italian heritage and the Tontitown Grape Festival. When residents and visitors gather to celebrate traditions, knowing that any issues our local landmarks and lodgings face due to water damage have a reliable source of restoration helps puts everyone’s mind at ease in this close-knit community.

Water damage to any Tontitown businesses impacts everyone living nearby. Owners of affected buildings can suffer financial setbacks if water damage interferes with daily commerce. Employees may miss paychecks and residents lose a place to dine, gather, or obtain goods and services. Visitors who enjoy returning yearly or coming to this unique town for the first time might face disappointment if sites and businesses carrying on traditions are lost or impaired because of harm due to water events.

SERVPRO is committed to the communities we serve, and our owners and each member of our team take every water damage project seriously. We arrive at the site of your business ready to do an immediate assessment and get our crews moving to remove water, dry out your structure, and complete all other restoration tasks necessary.

All our SERVPRO crew members are trained through IICRC courses, the restoration industry standard, in water restoration and structural drying. Our service vehicles are full of the equipment crucial to recovery from commercial water damage. High-efficiency water extractors and pumps take care of standing water and pull the majority of moisture out of saturated porous materials. Powerful air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers take over, positioned by our crews for the most efficient results.

We use precise moisture meters to assess our progress toward drying goals and employ advanced scanning methods to discover any water hidden behind walls or in recesses. SERVPRO stresses to our customers that all excess moisture must be eliminated within your commercial building to ensure the inhibition of secondary damage such as mold growth or progressive deterioration of structural materials.

In circumstances where inventory, business records, or equipment is at risk of water damage, SERVPRO offers inventory and pack out services. We have access to innovative drying resources such as freeze-drying for documents that can recover items you felt were ruined. Rely on our expert evaluation before you discard essential work product or records after water damage. Our employees also assist with insurance claims.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale helps individual businesses with water damage challenges and keeps the entire community in mind because we understand the interrelations among our neighbors, partners, family, and friends. Call (479) 419-5544 as soon as practical for assistance and expect a speedy and constructive response.

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When Fire Damage to Your Fayetteville Home Forces Reconstruction

3/30/2018 (Permalink)

It can be overwhelming when fire damage affects the structural integrity of your home, but the professionals at SERVPRO can help restore your home.

Our SERVPRO Team Works Hard to Make the Fire Damage Cleanup Process as Easy as Possible for You and Your Family

There is no easy way to contend with a fire to your Fayetteville home. For many people who have experienced this disaster, the effect on the structure of your home can be overwhelming to see. When it comes to restoring the damages to your home and to reconstruct the weakened portions of your residence following the blaze, professional restoration services are more than just highly recommended. 

Your Fayetteville home might show its fire damage in several different ways, but the most pressing of any of these issues are the ones that threaten the structural integrity of your home. These are the lingering effects that must get dealt with before any of the other symptoms from the fire, as these make your home unsafe to live in. Fortunately, our SERVPRO technicians get trained in all aspects of fire restoration for houses, including preparation techniques for reconstruction. 

The entire process begins with a thorough inspection completed by our experienced SERVPRO professionals. This inspection determines the farthest reaches of the damage from the fire, our approach to restoring the damage and effects from the fire that trouble you and your family, and lastly to assess what areas of your home must get reconstructed or rebuilt to have the structural integrity it once had. 

While no one wants to hear that parts of their home must get rebuilt to be safe to live in, our technicians work to make this process as fast and simple as possible for you. Our team utilizes our training in controlled demolition to remove the highly damaged portions of your home and ready these areas for residential contractors to come in after us and get right to work on repairing the area with new materials. 

It is never an easy thing to deal with the effects of a fire, especially when reconstruction is a requirement, but SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale can make this process as easy as it can be. We can restore all of the damage to your home and prepare the worst of this damage for reconstruction. Our emergency response team is available anytime you need us by calling (479) 419-5544.

Click here for information on the Fayetteville Fire Department.

Flood Damage Cleanup in Your Elkins Home

3/18/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding can severely damage your home, call SERVPRO to thoroughly remediate the damage.

Let SERVPRO Help You with Unexpected Flood Damage

You may not live in an area that is prone to heavy rains, but don’t get too comfortable. Even in Elkins, a flood can happen to you, as everyone is at risk. Changing weather patterns can send surprises to those who thought they were safe, so even if you are on high ground, it is best to be prepared ahead of time and do what you can to prevent damage from flooding.

If flooding has happened in your area, your home in Elkins no longer looks like it used to. Water has intruded inside, covering your floors, furniture, and other belongings. It is a scene that is quite overwhelming, and that is why our staff at SERVPRO is ready to help you at any time. We are professionally trained for flooding situations like this and can help you restore your home and get back to your regular way of life.

Once we arrive, we carefully pre-inspect all aspects of the areas that are damaged. Our job is to start mitigating the loss. We check for any dangerous situations such as falling ceilings, electrical hazards, and deteriorated subfloors. Then we can pump out the standing water with powerful, truck-mounted pumps.

SERVPRO techs use a moisture meter to determine how much damage has penetrated through flooring, carpeting, ceilings, and walls. We move and block furniture as necessary, then extract water from carpets and hard surface flooring. When needed, we detach carpeting and remove water from the floor and pad. We check the back of carpeting for damage like bad seams, delamination, or visible mold. If it is damaged, we try to determine if the damage was preexisting and if the carpet needs to be replaced or if it can be restored.

The back of the carpeting and the flooring is treated with an antimicrobial or deodorizer; then the carpet is laid back on the floor so we can extract water from the surface fibers again before applying an antimicrobial or deodorizer. We also remove any furniture stains before the carpet dries.

Air movers and dehumidifiers are placed to dry the rest of your home. They are positioned for optimal drying, and we check the status of the drying process daily.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale works quickly but efficiently to get your home in Harmon, Johnson, or Tontitown dry again after a flood disaster. Get in touch with us at (479) 419-5544 as soon as you can after the waters enter your home so we can help you. 

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Ways Mold Damage Gets Started After Severe Weather In Springdale

3/7/2018 (Permalink)

Compromised Window Seals in Springdale Can Lead to Mold Damage and the Need for SERVPRO

Springdale Water Intrusion Can Mean Mold Remediation by SERVPRO

Raging winds and heavy rains have been in the news in Arkansas recently. Even if your home appears to have come through the storms without significant harm, conditions created by the wind and rain in rarely inspected spaces can be perfect for mold growth and damage. A musty smell or unexplained staining could be your signal to contact our experienced mold remediation team for a post-storm evaluation despite your relief that the storm failed to result in other damage.
When successive storms pummel your Springdale home, mold damage is probably the least of your concerns. Checking for loose shingles, torn off siding, and damage from downed trees or power lines feels much more urgent than seeking out areas where seemingly minor water incursions occurred. Unfortunately, small leaks or water forced in through poorly sealed windows and doors can host mold colony infestations that follow the storm all-clear by a few days and take you by surprise. Assistance from our professional mold remediators is a wise course.
The mold damage resulting can cause progressive deterioration of building materials and present health concerns if susceptible individuals live in the dwelling. If found in hidden areas like an attic or in the space created by a window or door frame this most recent storm may be just the last of many times water intruded and fueled mold growth. Small leaks eventually result in extensive damage, so a swift and comprehensive approach is critical to protecting your investment in your home. The SERVPRO AMRT applied microbial remediation team helps manage active mold issues but also has strategies to help resolve any long-term destruction, such as dry rot or contaminated structural components such as insulation.
Mold remediation crew members first plan for containment and removal. A thorough inspection of areas below window sills, door jams, between walls, and below subflooring can reveal a more extensive infestation than initially feared. Once we locate the mold, other areas of the house receive protection with heavy plastic sheeting and the use of negative pressure air scrubbers to prevent the spread of moldy material. SERVPRO employees don personal protective equipment and remove the mold and any porous materials it infiltrated. The debris is bagged and disposed of according to local hazardous waste codes.
HEPA filter equipped vacuums, and topical antimicrobial treatments are the last steps in the remediation. For the efforts of the SERVPRO team to last, however, the windows and doors must be repaired and then periodically maintained to prevent water from making its way inside during the next period of driving rains. Areas of the roofing system, including gutters, downspouts, and flashings that show wear, deterioration, or weaknesses must be addressed to keep the top of your home watertight. Without the completion of these tasks, mold damage is likely in the future.
SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is ready to help remediate mold damage and identify ways to prevent the water damage that accelerated the microbial growth, Call (479) 419-5544 to schedule an appointment to assess the issues and craft a plan to solve them.

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Why Water Removal is Key to Returning Your Springdale Property to Its Pre-Loss State

2/28/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage can be overwhelming, but with the help of SERVPRO your home can return to its pre loss state "Like it never even happened."

Rely on SERVPRO for Thorough and Efficient Water Removal Services

If you fail to perform water removal, with time the moisture seeps into your valuables, and permanent damage may result. Despite the usual stress that water disasters bring along, you need to stay calm and seek urgent professional help. Stopping the source of the moisture and doing an immediate inspection is necessary as you work towards mitigating the destruction that your Springdale is likely to suffer.

Our SERVPRO technicians perform water removal procedures in Springdale with the aim of mitigating the damage and salvaging contents. Remember, water always moves into hidden areas such as shafts, crawl spaces, and wall cavities and that calls for immediate action. By using tools such as moisture meters and detectors, we can identify the level of damage.

If your home has mechanical systems and it happens that they have come into contact with black or gray water, we immediately shut them down to prevent any possible transmission of contaminants. During the cleaning process, we protect system components such as bearings, filters, and motors to prevent them from coming into contact with debris and water intrusion.

For instance, if we have to clean your HVAC system for one reason or the other, then vacuuming may be an option. Our SERVPRO technicians carefully remove debris and dirt from all the mounts, frames, supports and all the components. Hand scrubbing also helps in eliminating dirt. When we come across system components that are hard to clean, we may pressure wash. Once we finish cleaning all parts, we make sure there is no wet surfaces or standing water in the system.

Our SERVPRO team also cleans, disinfects and flushes floor sumps and drains. Sometimes when flooding takes place, the water pressure within the plumbing systems may reverse and cause the possibility to contaminate the water in cold and hot pipes. If that happens, we may use a chemical solution to disinfect the lines. Once we clean and dry the surfaces, we perform deodorization to lower the chances of mold growth and eliminate bad smells.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is a trusted industry leader in storm, water, mold and fire damage restoration. Call us at (479) 419-5544 if you want us to make it "Like it never even happened."  

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Rapid Water Removal Helps Protect Homes in Springdale from More Extensive Damage

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

If you have a broken pipe or an appliance failure that brings water into your home, contact SERVPRO for quick drying out and remediation services.

Quick Drying Services After Water Damage Can Help Prevent a Mold Infestation

Just as quickly as water can spring forth out of a broken water line or a busted connection between a feed line and an appliance, damages begin accruing inside your Springdale home. The pressure in a pipe can force thousands of gallons of water into your kitchen, bath, or basement, quickly covering the floor in several inches of water.

Homeowners who encounter this situation can help save their home by calling a professional water removal company in Springdale. The quicker a homeowner calls SERVPRO, the faster we can arrive, resulting in less damage to their home and a decreased expense overall.

Because water changes as it enters the environment, evaporating and becoming humidity in the air, for example, it rarely remains in one place. Unless we remove it quickly, soon after the accident, moisture can travel throughout your home. This movement can cause problems in other locations of your home. Sometimes, these can show up months in the future, giving homeowners a false sense of security.

When we receive a call requesting water removal, we know that our job involves more than pumping out gallons of water from a home and mopping and drying floors. We want your home's usual dryness level restored, in every area, and in all structures. To help us determine where moisture might exist, we use both infrared thermal imaging devices and moisture detectors. Many homeowners find it surprising that many walls seem dry when touched, but our instruments reveal the presence of moisture. After we finish drying out these sections of walls, we reassess, showing that the wall now contains no moisture.

To dry out walls, floors, and other components of your home, we bring in air movers to speed up the circulation of your home's indoor environment, heaters to speed up evaporation, and dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air. At times, we use desiccant machines, also. When weather conditions bring dry air into our area, we often recommend opening windows and doors to allow the process to proceed at an even quicker pace.

When broken pipes or leaking appliances take over your home in Springdale, Harmon, or Tontitown, calling SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale at our 24-hour service line, (479) 419-5544, can help get everything back under control again.

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Springdale Residents Discover Quality Mold Remediation Services

2/7/2018 (Permalink)

If you experience water damage, it is important to call SERVPRO to properly remove the water and dry out your home to prevent mold growth.

Calling on a Professional Mold Remediation Specialist Can Help Minimize Damages and Prevent Future Mold Growth

When it comes to mold found in your Springdale area home, you want to work with fully-trained remediation experts to protect your family and limit any losses you might experience. This statement is true for most everyone who experiences mold damage on their property; you are no exception.

If you find yourself dealing with mold damage in your Springdale home, or have recently experienced any water exposure, it is vital to have the water removed, and the structure dried immediately to avoid mold growth. Unless you have the proper detection equipment and training, it is nearly impossible to detect mold before growth occurs and by the time you can see visible signs, it may already be too late.

SERVPRO technicians understand where to look and recognize early signs of mold growth found in your home. Depending on the amount of mold located during your initial inspection, you may need help with relocating to ensure your families safety during the mold remediation process, and our office is ready to assist you with locating temporary housing should it be required for your situation. 

SERVPRO has IICRC-industry certified professionals available 24/7, 365, including weekends and holidays to provide you with quality mold remediation services you can count on to regain control of your indoor living environment. We have access to a variety of moisture detectors, location, and volume measuring devices that make returning your home’s relative humidity to normal. 

SERVPRO can also install dehumidifiers, drainage, and ventilation where needed to get things under control quickly. Our technicians offer a variety of solutions that fit your unique situation and make every effort to provide you with a cost-effective solution for any mold problems you face. 

We follow strict local, state, and federal guidelines for the handling and disposal of contaminated materials and use EPA registered disinfectants to clean the entire infected area before performing repair or replacement services that help make your house a home again.

Contact SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale for additional information about available services or to schedule your initial inspection, today. We can provide you with professional mold remediation services anytime, day or night. (479) 419-5544

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Proven Flood Damage Restoration Services for Springdale Residents

1/28/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding can happen quickly. Contact SERVPRO for drying out and remediation efforts that happen right after you call.

SERVPRO Technicians Dry Out Your Property with a Thorough Uderstanding as to Humidity and Using the Appropriate Equipment for the Correct Task

Now and again we experience the effects of flood damage which leave behind a loss worth millions of dollars. No matter how well we are prepared to face such disasters, there are always incidents that happen and beat us at our own game. That means handling everything as an emergency is necessary to prevent further damage. To achieve that, we advise Springdale residents to work with IICRC certified restoration service providers when dealing with the aftermath of flooding.

Using the right equipment makes a big difference when restoring your Springdale property after a flood damage disaster. That is the fact that our SERVPRO team understands and in most cases, we analyze each situation differently to determine the most appropriate tools and technology to use when working on your property. Drying as a process requires one to know humidity, temperature, and the various air properties - something that our technicians understand very well.

Timely evaporation of the moisture in your property is vital during the restoration. It all starts by putting in place appropriate measures to reduce the drying time and the use of extractors, air movers and dehumidifiers works towards achieving that. Air movers facilitate airflow and increase the speed of evaporation. As the moisture evaporates from surfaces, it leads to the formation of moist air. That means we have to remove the extra moisture from the air and we do that by using dehumidifiers.

The two main types of dehumidifiers that our SERVPRO technicians use are desiccant dehumidifiers and refrigerant dehumidifiers. Desiccant dehumidifiers use chemicals to absorb the moisture, while the working of refrigerant dehumidifiers has a lot of similarity to how air conditioners work. Deodorization then follows to neutralize the smells as well as prevent chances of mold growth.

The goal of SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is to restore your contents to their preloss condition irrespective of the site of the disaster. Call us at (479) 419-5544 and learn more about our tested and proved restoration services.

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Commercial Flood Damage Solutions In Springdale

1/23/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Protects Inventory and Storage with Rapid Water Removal from Springdale Area Commercial Structures

Fast Water Removal Reduces Economic Impacts After Flooding Events

The Springdale area was traditionally an agricultural area, but in recent years a range of newer business ventures have diversified the jobs in the region. Because of the importance of these local industries to the economy of the region, it is critical that our professional disaster restoration services are available.

A flood damage event at a larger Springdale business impacts not only the company involved but also their customers and employees. No matter what the source of the flood waters, it is inevitable that fast and comprehensive assistance is required. If machinery or appliance malfunction floods the production floor or heavy rains or rising waterways invades the building, the need is similar. Our employees know what to do regardless of the scenario.
SERVPRO service vehicles have pumps and extractors on board. If the areas to be treated is large, we make sure enough equipment arrives so the removal of the water is swift. If contamination is an issue, we contain the water in tanks and dispose of it according to local rules. Damaged plant equipment is inspected and repaired, and air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers move in to dry the structure. Throughout the process, moisture is measured and monitored, and the drying goals determined by our production managers are eventually reached.
The SERVPRO work crews are aware that every moment the business is down community members are losing money. We do all in our power to work fast and get the majority of the building back to normal so the business can get back to regular production as soon as possible. We listen carefully to the business owner and its management team to see if there is a way to open a portion of the commercial building while we continue to work on the flood-damaged areas.

If the scope of the response needed exceeds our configuration, we have relationships with other SERVPROs that can lend technicians and equipment. For certain, no job is too big or too small for us, and the quality the customer receives is impeccable. Our goal is a fully operational company in as few days or hours as possible.
SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is poised to help any and all businesses with flooding problems in our community. Call us at (479) 419-5544 to get our teams on the road to start the journey to restoration.

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Mold Damage Remediation Specialists Available for Your Springdale Home

1/8/2018 (Permalink)

Mold colonies can easily form in your home with extra moisture and the right range of temperature.

SERVPRO’s Certified Technicians Have the Expertise to Properly Remediate Mold Damage

No one has a home that is entirely impervious to mold growth. The truth is if you just happen to have some excessive moisture and the right range of temperature, any organic material in your home could spawn mold colonies. Spores of mold naturally exist in the air that we breathe, which means that any time the conditions become met for a colony to form, the spores are there to allow it to start. Finding mold growing in your Springdale home, however, is nothing to be taken lightly.

You might be under the impression that many Springdale homes have mold damage, and you would likely be right. When you battle conditions throughout the year like excessive humidity mixed with warmer temperatures, the spores in the air have the right conditions to seat and grow into colonies. The fungus hyphae can penetrate deep into the surface that it is growing on, making conventional cleaning methods ineffective. Given the health effects that mold has been known to cause, it is not a condition that you should wait a long time to resolve.

Our SERVPRO technicians go through extensive training in mold remediation to meet the high standards set by the IICRC. Our certified specialists have the expertise and tools to successfully remove colonies while simultaneously preventing the spread of spores to new areas which could perpetuate the current problem. To prevent circulation of the spores coming from the existing colony, your circulation system like heating/air conditioning is shut off, and our technicians employ a negative air chamber to trap and neutralize spores.

Scrubbers fitted with HEPA filters are used to clean deeply into the surfaces where mold grows and to completely remove the hyphae. Foggers are also used to disinfect surfaces and nullify odor molecules lingering in the affected area to efficiently remove the musty smell typical to this kind of incident.

If you find mold growing in your Springdale home, IICRC certified specialists are only a phone call away. You can trust our remediation technicians to handle the problem quickly and thoroughly. Call SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale today at (479) 419-5544.

You can find more information regarding Springdale here.

Call in The Experts After Fire Damages Your Harmon Kitchen

1/5/2018 (Permalink)

Substances left behind by a small kitchen fire require the skills and knowledge of SERVPRO professionals to properly clean up.

Even Small Kitchen Fires Require Professional Fire Remediation Specialists

Smart Harmon homeowners assure themselves of quick access to fire extinguishers and quickly manage accidental fires during cooking. Because the crisis seems averted, you may be tempted to take sole responsibility for the post-fire clean up as well. Failing to arrange for professional assessment may be a mistake you want to avoid. We pledge to make our assistance with your fire damage count.

A boiled-dry pot or spattering pan of oil ignites quickly, especially if the cook is distracted in your Harmon kitchen. Fire damage threatens appliances, walls, countertops, and flooring. Fortunately, a handy fire extinguisher knocks down the flames, and you breathe a sigh of relief. Before you treat the aftermath as just a routine cleaning task, invite our fire damage restoration crew to evaluate the situation.

The “soil” left by fire does not always respond well to traditional cleaning strategies. It also contains hazardous substances from the combustion of textiles, wood, insulation, and other structural or appliance materials. Add in the chemical residue from the extinguisher, and the realization grows that this a toxic mix. Cleanup of this type of debris is a job for SERVPRO technicians trained to identify the challenges and manage the potential for harm experienced by the individuals doing the work.

There is also the risk that individuals who are unfamiliar with proven smoke and soot damage cleaning protocols cause more damage when attempting to mitigate the mess. When experienced and certified SERVPRO workers complete the tasks this risk is eliminated. Soot must be assessed for its varied characteristics, and the proper cleaning products and tools chosen to eradicate the various kinds of residues. One fire can deposit light, ashy soot, sticky greasy soot, and soot that hardens into a lacquer-like coating, almost impossible to remove without specialized equipment and professional cleaning products.

The substances generated by fire are highly corrosive and must be eliminated from surfaces as quickly as possible. Permanent discoloration of fabrics and plastics, etching of metals and glass, and deterioration of wood are just some of the ongoing issues caused by fire damage not remediated appropriately. SERVPRO can respond within hours, essential to a successful fire damage recovery as soot and smoke begin to destroy structures and contents within the first day after the fire event.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is ready with the crews, products, and equipment to restore your home after a fire loss. Call us for a consultation 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (479) 419-5544.

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Do Not Wait To Arrange For Water Removal In Tontitown

12/22/2017 (Permalink)

If not removed quickly, water accidents threaten severe damage.

Do Not Wait For Water Removal

Water is a necessity of life, and we use it inside our Tontitown homes for drinking, bathing, cleaning, and our sanitary systems, among other things. Because the pipes, basins, and appliances that use water are everywhere in our dwellings, the chances are good that water spills and leaks frequently. If not removed quickly, water accidents threaten severe damage.

Although a homeowner can mop up a minor spill easily when larger quantities invade areas of your Tontitown house, water removal by professionals becomes necessary. A burst pipe or overflowing washing machine sends gallons of water across floors. Water then follows the paths of least resistance, flowing into the cracks and joints of your structure where it soaks in and hides in recesses. Our well-trained technicians have the skills and the tools to find and remove water fast no matter where it migrates after the event.

The SERVPRO crew assigned to your project locates all water that needs removal, both the obvious areas and the pockets that may lie under flooring and between walls. We use moisture meters and scanners that pinpoint pooled water behind obstructions. Using pumps and extractors, crew members pull water out and then we use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out the structure.

Industry experts warn that as time passes water damage accelerates the deterioration of structural materials and contents. Even a day or two of waiting risks collateral damage such as mold growth. Water that was relatively clean becomes progressively dirtier as days go by, contaminated with microbes and substances that mix with the water, including dirt, cleaning products, and other chemicals on surfaces or in crevices, and a host of other debris. SERVPRO scales up our response to eliminate the water swiftly, minimizing the time contaminants have to taint it.

We monitor the quality of the water as we remove it, and decide to contain and dispose of gray or black water according to local codes if required by law. Using SERVPRO as your water removal partner offers a level of experience and certifications no typical homeowner holds. Be confident in our ability to remove water safely and securely that otherwise would damage your home.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is fully certified, licensed, and ready to complete your water removal job. Waste no time after the water event to call (479) 419-5544 and look forward to the return of your dry and comfortable home fast.

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Commercial Water Removal in Johnson Hotels and Motels

12/4/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians use large pumps to remove standing water from rooms, hallways, and common areas.

SERVPRO Quickly Removes Standing Water in Hotels

Small hotels and motels are important for Johnson. They provide a perfect stopover point for anyone coming off 71, traveling up I-49, or visiting for a Razorbacks game. Since they often operate on a slim margin, getting their doors reopened quickly after a flood is vital.

Commercial water removal in a Johnson hotel or motel usually involves getting standing water out and then lifting moisture from floors and carpets. SERVPRO has decades of experience with both of these tasks and does our best to keep owners satisfied.

Our IICRC-certified technicians start with pumps. We use them to remove water over two inches deep in rooms, hallways, and common areas. Clearing each room is a matter of minutes, and larger rooms like a lobby or a conference room often take no more than half an hour. We can remove water from even a large motel in less than a day.

Once we remove the water, or if it is less than two inches deep, SERVPRO brings in water extraction wands. These devices look like a commercial grade water vacuum but are much more versatile. We can adjust the speed and airflow to ensure we remove water and moisture without damaging carpets or floor surfaces.

Drawing out water at this point takes longer since we have to examine completed areas by touch. An average sized room takes a half to a full hour. We can finish many rooms for occupancy in a single day. If the power has been interrupted, we can bring in a generator to provide uninterrupted electrical support until we complete every water removal task.

In some cases, the flooding leaves the air very humid and uncomfortable for guests. When this happens, our technicians set up a series of air movers and exhaust fans to lower the humidity levels. The air movers generate warm, dry air to replace the cooler, damp air drawn out by the fans.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale understands how important it is for a business to keep its doors open every possible day and hour. If you are dealing with a flooding problem, call our office today at (479) 419-5544 to schedule a work crew. We are here to help.

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Professional Flood Damage Restoration Services for Residents of Springdale

11/16/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO offers emergency restoration services 24/7 to quickly begin the remediation process after a storm.

Let SERVPRO Assess Storm Damage Before Discarding Damaged Items

There is every possibility that as a resident of Springdale you might end up making a mistake after experiencing flood damage. Remember, you are not experienced in restoration matters and making some decisions may be beyond you, and that means encountering unnecessary losses might be the outcome. We are here to guide on how to avoid such mistakes during that crucial moment.

The professional restoration services offered in Springdale are meant to put your business or home back together after experiencing a flood damage incident. When a service provider like SERVPRO is offering the restoration services, expect the following: repair of your structure, thorough cleaning, final inspections, removing all the equipment from the work site as well as putting your contents back in place.

In some cases, you might think your carpet is ruined and decide to discard it. Always avoid making such decisions unless they have been approved by trained experts. What you might consider not useful might be restored by SERVPRO technicians by using specific procedures. For instance, an expert can use an adjuster to verify whether restoration of your wet carpet is possible or not.

With the help of a moisture sensor, trained experts can let you know the amount of moisture in your soft materials. The device has sharp probes which penetrate through pads and carpets and indicate how far the water has reached. Whenever it detects moisture, its light blinks and the sensor beeps.

Using air movement equipment can increase the speed of evaporation. Dehumidification equipment can also speed drying by removing any existing water vapor from the air. If the damage took place in your business premise, your customers and employees are exposed to injury and as a result safety equipment is recommended by trained experts.

Our professional technicians at SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale offer emergency restoration services on a 24-hour basis. Call us at (479) 419-5544 to know your different options.  

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Why You Need Professional Help in Eliminating Odors After Fire Damage in Fayetteville

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Fires can leave behind a lingering odor, SERVPRO has a three phase process to rid your home of the smells.

Three Phases to Eliminate Odors Left Behind by Fire Damage

Getting rid of the smoky odor from a fire damaged home can be a tough challenge. The smell of smoke and burnt material can linger on long after the fire damage to your Fayetteville home. Although you can take steps to minimize the odor, it is best to leave this job to the expert professionals.

Fire damage to your Fayetteville home can have you smelling smoke for days after the incidence. Many factors can make it difficult to get rid of the odor entirely and eliminating it is achieved through a multi-phasic strategy.

Heightened Awareness to Smell

Your perception of the scent is heightened if you know that the property was damaged in a fire. If you are aware of the fire damage, you tend to perceive the odors more intensely. It can pose a big problem in eliminating them entirely.

Furthermore, high temperature and humidity can also increase your perception of smell. So, eliminating the odors requires implementation of multiple techniques to counter this effect. That is why, here at SERVPRO, we employ various state-of-the-art techniques to remove the odors.

Multi-Phase Odor cCntrol 

SERVPRO experts use a multiple phase odor eliminating strategy to get rid of the smells as entirely as possible.

Phase 1: The first stage is to contain the odor at the source. A chemical counteractant is sprayed on the charred surfaces to prevent the vaporization of the odor molecules. It creates a barrier between the air and the source of the odor and prevents the odor molecules from vaporizing. SERVPRO uses professional grade odor counteractant in this process.

Phase 2: The second step deals with combating the odor molecules that are already in the air. Strong deodorant vapors are sprayed to neutralize the odor-causing particles in the air.

Phase 3: In this stage, a thermal fogger is utilized to spray solvent-based deodorizers. As the thermal fogger uses heat to dissipate the deodorant, it can reach everywhere the smoke may have entered and combat the odors at the source.

These three phases ensure that the odor is entirely and efficiently eliminated.

Call SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale at (479) 419 5544 to schedule an inspection today. Our experts are eager to help you devise a strategy to eliminate the odor from your fire-damaged home as efficiently as possible. 

To learn more about the Fayetteville Fire Department, click here.

Water Damage Detection and Mitigation Equipment for Fayetteville Properties

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Squeegees for Tile and Wet Vacs for Carpets Are in the SERVPRO Inventory for Water Removal in Fayetteville

SERVPRO's Inventory of Products, Gear, and Skilled Technicians Handles and Mitigates Damages

Water damage to Fayetteville homes is often not a matter of if, but when. That is because every home is naturally vulnerable to this risk. The likelihood of a burst pipe, faulty faucet, neglect, or flooding is ever present. Appropriate tools and equipment are necessary to detect, remove the water, and mitigate damages.

The skilled and IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians have the capability of restoring water damaged Fayetteville homes, always striving to salvage the components of the structure. The first line of defense is the detection of the water. We have moisture meters and sensors and infrared camera systems to detect even small amounts of hidden moisture within wall cavities and other isolated areas.
We use our deodorizing equipment and cleaning products to restore a pleasant smell to a previously foul-odor area. Stagnant water can be a significant source of odors. We can use thermal foggers, air scrubbers, and other devices for deodorizing.
SERVPRO's extraction equipment is deployed to suction water and moisture from building elements, furnishings, and belongings. Some of our inventory includes wet-vacs, submersible pumps, and truck-mounted extractors. Various wands and attachments enhance the efficacy of the water removal.
Carpets are by far some of the more vulnerable items at risk of water damage. This is due to their highly absorbent nature, laminated layers susceptible to separating, and weakening of the fibers. Typically, in non-flooding events carpets can be salvaged, but it may be more economically feasible to toss the padding. The use of lifting the edges and "floating" the carpets with forced, injected air from air movers expedites the drying process and can help to restore the water damaged flooring material, and not replace it.
Count on us, SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale to efficiently detect and mitigate water intrusions in your home or business. Reach us by phone at (479) 419-5544. We are available 24/7 to assist with any fire, mold, or water-related issue.

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Mold Damage in Johnson HVAC Systems is Serious Business

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

Johnson Mold Infestations in Ductwork Call on SERVPRO for Remediation

SERVPRO Inspects and Remediates Mold Infestations in Johnson Properties

Finding signs of mold in your HVAC system can be jarring for some homeowners, and their reaction is understandable. Mold in ventilation systems could indeed pose serious health concerns and may indicate a much more significant problem around the home. However, you should not panic. SERVPRO has dealt with similar mold damage cases in Johnson and other local communities for years, and our technicians have helped to remove mold growth from dozens of HVAC systems in their time.
The first order of business when we respond to mold damage calls in Johnson is to identify location, size, and spread of the mold colony or colonies in question. Our inspectors use advanced detection equipment including thermal and moisture detectors to learn causes, locations, types, and maturity levels of mold patches in different areas. With this information, we can construct a model and estimates of how and why mold has spread in your home, and identify if mold is likely to be elsewhere in the home as well. Soon after, we use our expert treatments to make short work of the offending fungus.
But what does mold damage in the HVAC system mean for you? To start, it usually indicates a relatively severe mold problem. Small mold colonies with minimal impact do not often take root in ventilation systems, and usually, only mature colonies with fast-spreading spores can develop. Alternatively, if the colony originated in the vents, it may have quickly spread across the home as air currents take spores around the building.

Some types of mold may cause health effects, and if these species of mold are in ventilation systems, they make the entire house a biohazard and warrant a large-scale quarantine to prevent the spreading of mycotoxins. This, however, is rare, and should only result if the species mold is particularly dangerous. Through our treatments, we take care to thoroughly remove both visible growth and microscopic spores in the air, returning your home to its normal conditions before we pack up and leave. Every property contains mold, remediation when necessary, keeps it in check.
SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale has provided local homeowners with fast and thorough mold remediation and removal services for years. No matter how big or how serious the mold problem is, we can help. Call us at (479) 419-5544.

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Sports Venue Suffers Flood Damage In Springdale

10/4/2017 (Permalink)

We have the experience needed to remove water and dry out batting cages, locker rooms, and snack bars restoring the entire sports campus to new.

Commercial Storm Damage Restoration

Seasonal storms pack a powerful punch, causing significant flood damage in Northwest Arkansas. Some businesses are at particular risk of serious harm to structure and fixtures, including those featuring expanses of hardwood flooring that are both handsome and chosen for a commercial purpose. Restoration of the hardwood after flooding is crucial for the business to continue.

Basketball and volleyball players and teams demand the smoothness and spring only a maple or other hardwood floor offers. When heavy rains and winds cause flood damage to your Springdale sports center, you are in danger of permanent closure if speedy remediation and restoration, especially of the flooring, does not occur. We have the experience and training needed to remove water and dry out multiple gyms, batting cages, locker rooms, snack bars, and meeting areas, returning the entire sports campus to its preloss condition.

Many inches of water flowed and collected on the courts and practice areas of the sports complex as saturated soil, and wind-ravaged roofs exacerbated the flooding. Fast action is required, and SERVPRO crews arrive with high-efficiency submersible pumps and water extractors, vehicle-mounted to begin the flood abatement whether or not the power failed during the storm.

Once the majority of the water is removed, our workers position powerful air movers and dehumidifiers to reduce the moisture content of all structural elements and fixtures. SERVPRO technicians receive advanced training in drying hardwood floors using a range of techniques. Drying mats pull water from the polished playing layer and through to the subfloor, as wet materials underlying the court or gym floor continuously sent moisture wicking into the hardwood.

Throughout the process our team members measure moisture levels in all affected areas and materials, first to establish drying goals, and second to demonstrate that adequate drying is achieved. Loosening and raising some areas of the hardwood planks allows air to circulate, accelerating the drying. We also may drill holes in strategic places to allow water vapor to escape, and consider removing some of the protective finish for the same reason. SERVPRO workers persist until the right combinations of methods result in a return to normal moisture levels, usually below 12 percent for wood floors, so that any sanding and refinishing completes the job.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale has the balance of skilled workers and modern equipment to deliver a successful flood damage abatement in a large recreational facility. Call (479) 419-5544 as soon as possible to get the restoration rolling.

To learn more about the city of Springdale visit http://www.springdalear.gov/.

Water Removal Services for Your Fayetteville Home After a Sink Overflow

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Water Removal After Accidents in Your Fayetteville Home Gets Fast Results with SERVPRO

Water Damage from Many Sources Affect Your Property in Fayetteville

Clogged drains cause overflowing fixtures or appliances and water damage, and usually do so with no notice. You suddenly have a massive amount of water where it does not belong. Expert, fast action is needed and is essential to protect your Fayetteville property to minimize the harm.
Since plumbing accidents can happen without warning, SERVPRO has experienced crews ready to respond to your water removal emergency any time of the day, any day of the week. We act quickly to ensure the safety of you and our workers and determine the cause of the overflow problem in your Fayetteville home. If it has not already been done, we shut down the water supply.
Upon arrival, we pre-inspect the damaged areas carefully and look for any dangerous situations such as electrical hazards or soft subflooring. The standing water is then pumped out with industrial, truck-mounted pumps for large volumes of water. If the sink is located on an upper floor, we check the walls and floors underneath it for any water seepage and remove that as necessary.
SERVPRO technicians also use a moisture meter to figure out the extent of the water penetration in flooring, ceilings, and walls. We move and block any furniture when necessary and extract water from hard surface flooring and carpeting. Carpets are detached, and we then extract the water from the padding and floor. The pad is removed from your structure and in most cases, it is discarded.
Once everything affected is checked for additional damages such as delamination in carpets, or visible mold, we treat with an appropriate deodorizer and antimicrobial. We position air movers for drying, so they deliver a rapid airflow to the wet surfaces. We base the number of air movers on the recommendations from IICRC. The driers are often checked, and the positions of them are shifted as needed to make sure your home is dried in the shortest amount of time possible.

SERVPRO of Fayetteville/Springdale is an experienced and trusted water damage remediation company. When you have a sink overflow for any reason, contact us right at (479) 419-5544 for the areas of Harmon, Johnson, or Fayetteville.

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Quality Fire Damage Restoration Services Available For All Fayetteville Residents

9/7/2017 (Permalink)

Calling a fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO fast after a fire can help reduce secondary damages from occurring. Contact us today.

Our IICRC-Certified Technicians Respond Quickly to Remediate Fire Damage On Your Property

After the fire is out and everyone is gone, the clock starts ticking away. Every minute that it takes you to decide which direction to take next, allows smoke and soot residues to permeate further into various surfaces found in your Fayetteville home.

Immediately after a Fayetteville fire damage incident occurs in your home, smoke and soot residues begin to settle. Soon after, residues cause discoloration that turns to staining if not treated quickly. Within hours, wood furniture may require refinishing, metals start to rust and corrode while clothing and other contents become permanently stained.

The longer you wait, the harder your restoration becomes. Prolonged exposure to smoke and soot residues damage every surface in your home, embedding chemicals into the very fibers of various materials, continually deteriorating items as time progresses. SERVPRO can help stop the deterioration fast and get a hold on secondary damages developing in your home.
Smoke damage travels through crawl spaces, into walls, and your ventilation system. SERVPRO technicians inspect your entire home thoroughly, providing cleaning and deodorization services that help return your home to a quality pre-damage condition, making damage disappear, “Like it never even happened.” All of this and more is only a phone call away.

When treated by the fire and smoke damage professionals at SERVPRO, damaged structure, contents, and personal belongings can survive the effects of a fire. We are fully IICRC-certified, with access to industrial-grade equipment, and have several years of experience providing restoration services to customers just like you.

Our entire staff takes every possible action to provide you with full-service solutions to fire damage in your home. We are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, including holidays, and make your restoration as stress-free as possible. Our Green Fleet vehicles are ready to deploy at a moments notice, fully stocked with everything necessary to address problems that occur on your property.

Get the most out of the restoration services available to you, contact SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale for access to qualified professionals who urgently respond to your request for help. We service the entire area, call today. (479) 419-5544

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The SERVPRO Water Removal Process in Fayetteville

7/29/2017 (Permalink)

The best time to call SERVPRO is right after flooding damage has occurred. Our quick response can help prevent mold from growing on your property.

There are Many Steps Included in Our Certified Water Damage Remediation Process

Our area is known for sudden storms and flash flooding, but most water damage comes from old pipes that finally rusted out or an old dish washer that decides to cover the first floor of a home rather than wash its final load.

Regardless of the source, water removal from any Fayetteville home needs to be handled by a professional service. SERVPRO has decades of experience in Northwest Arkansas when it comes to helping our neighbors recover from disasters of every type.

Our first action is to remove any standing water. For levels over two inches in depth, we bring in pumps and portable generators if the power is out. If the water is covering the carpets and floors and not much else, we use extraction wands to draw out these smaller amounts. This is not a task for a Water-Vac, a flexible hose, and a roll of duct tape.

Once the water is gone, one of our technicians check the sub-floors and crawlspaces. If significant amounts of water are found, we use the extraction wands to remove those as well. As we finish this, other members of the response team move out furniture and other property that might be damaged as we continue.

The next step is to use the extraction wands to draw out moisture trapped in the carpets and wood floors. If there is a pad underneath the rug, we dispose of it. This is the most efficient way to remove the water trapped inside and the time spent to try and recover the pad costs more than buying a new one.

Finally, we draw the excess water out of the surrounding air and property. To do this, technicians use a combination of dehumidifiers and air movers. The first one can remove over 20 gallons of water from the air each day. The air movers force air into building material like drywall which pushes moisture into the air for the dehumidifiers to capture. This process can dry out an average-sized room in several days.

Once all this is completed, we use moisture content meters to check the air and materials. If the levels are too high, we repeat the processes until we reach normal levels. Our last step is to hand you back the keys and a complete report on what we did to restore your home to its pre-flood condition.

So, when Dickson Street has reopened once again from the latest closure and you can get take-out from the Hog Haus, contact SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale to help you clear out your home. Call us at (479) 419-5544 today to get started.

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Spring Flooding Encourages Readiness in Fayetteville

7/2/2017 (Permalink)

Sump Pumps Both Prevent and Extract Flood Waters from Fayetteville Properties

Conditions Post Storms Mitigated by SERVPRO

Flash flooding this past spring puts residents of Northeast Arkansas on notice that their homes may be a risk. All it takes is a line of torrential rain, and even homeowners who never experience wet basements or foundations find themselves inches deep in flood water. Managing flooding is a SERVPRO specialty, crews ready to dry and restore your home fast.
Several different avenues of ingress cause flood damage to your Fayetteville home during a period of heavy rains. Overwhelmed gutters and downspouts fail to divert all the water rolling off your roof away from your foundation, sending it into your basement. At the same time, the unrelenting rain over several days saturates the ground around your dwelling, seeping even more moisture inside. You need a dedicated crew of workers who know their way around submersible pumps and water extractors. We deliver.
Our team arrives and removes the standing water with pumps, and follows up with our industrial strength extractors. A certified technician is essential when pulling water out of carpeting and off tile or hardwood flooring. The power of the machine has the potential for damage when an inexperienced operator runs it across these surfaces.
If cinder blocks form the walls of your basement, it is critical that our SERVPRO workers use moisture meters to determine if water is caught in the recesses of the blocks. With water coming in both from the top of the wall and oozing in from the ground the possibility the hidden water remains after a cursory extraction is high. Painted walls prevent the cinder block from releasing the moisture from interior cells. Using holes drilled through mortar joints at intervals from the bottom joint gives the water a number of egress points. Air movers and dehumidifiers help move the moisture out. We assess the moisture level of an unaffected cinder block wall to ensure our drying goals are appropriate.
SERVPRO applied structural drying technicians evaluate the condition of any appliances or heating and cooling systems in the basement. Care must be taken as water conducts electricity and can be deadly until the area and mechanicals dry out and are inspected for safety. We also help inventory and remove items stored in the flooded areas. Staging these items away from the basement gives us and you a chance to ascertain the damage and decide what strategies to use to sort, dry, and discard articles damaged beyond restoration.
SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale understands the destructive power of flash flooding and knows how to restore homes in its path. Call our office at (479) 419-5544 to turn the corner toward recovery.

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Early Protection Provides Mold Protection For Johnson Area Homes

6/14/2017 (Permalink)

Moisture Contributes to Mold Growth in this Johnson Ceiling and Wall

Take It Easy! Rely on SERVPRO for Mold Remediation

Taking a strong offensive approach is likely your best bet when dealing with mold. However, you must remain on the lookout for early signs of possible growth, prevent moisture problems, and call a qualified professional for help when you notice watermarks or musty smells developing in your home.
Catching growth early, limits mold damage in your Johnson area home. It is entirely possible to clean contaminated areas thoroughly and prevent regrowth if caught early enough. However, it is essential to have the source of moisture repaired, and the affected area dried properly, often requiring professional assistance to get the job done right.
At SERVPRO we understand how serious mold growth in your home can be, which is why we make every effort to limit your exposure and get things under control as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our technicians take the time to explain positive steps that you can adopt to help avoid future problems and protect your family better.  
Since mold grows everywhere, controlling your indoor humidity and moisture levels contributes to a successful remediation process. It helps to have the appropriate ventilation systems in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room, improving your chances of maintaining a mold-free environment that you and your family can enjoy.
SERVPRO provides you with the services you need to get mold growth in your home under control in a quick and efficient manner. Putting years of experience, training, and advanced water extraction, cleaning, and deodorization equipment to work for you. All while maintaining a safe, clean working environment and preventing the spread of mold throughout your home.
SERVPRO checks every area of your home including your attic, basement, and hard to reach crawlspaces that anyone rarely uses. Any section of your home that contains shady, damp areas that may cause mold to flourish. Leaving no stone unturned as we advance through your inspection and remediation process.  
Give SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale an opportunity to provide you with the mold damage restoration services you deserve. Make the call to our office for additional information or to schedule your initial inspection today. (479) 419-5544

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The Mother’s Day Gift That Goes Astray in Fayetteville

6/2/2017 (Permalink)

Storms, Geysers? and Fountains Can Cause Flooding in Fayetteville--Call SERVPRO for Water Removal

Storms and Fountains Can Cause Flooding

Water features in a garden are popular and create a fresh and calming ambiance. If a fountain or pool overfills, causing water to travel towards your foundation expect harm to your crawl space or lower level. SERVPRO crews help with water removal and moisture control regardless of the source, so the situation resolves without long-term damage.
Be careful what you ask for when redesigning an outdoor area near your house. That koi pond or bubbling fountain spells flood damage to your Fayetteville home if a pump malfunctions or the pool liner leaks. Our technicians respond to any flooding situation with the water damage restoration industry’s best practices. We require advanced training and certification classes approved by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) for all of our restoration staff.
The flooding can be precipitous, a large inrush of water when the fountain pump keeps pulling in rather than recycling water or the pond overflows. Alternatively, the water seeps in a bit at a time until your basement, crawl space, or slab foundation holds several inches of pool or fountain water. Any way it happens, you must engage professionals to abate the water flow and restore the damage. Pool or fountain water usually classifies as gray water, already contaminated with infectious waste like bird droppings or fish waste. SERVPRO staff receives certification in contaminated water remediation, essential for the protection of your and your family’s health and the integrity of your foundation and building structure.
SERVPRO employees extract the gray water from within your home, using truck-mounted pumps and wet vacuums that collect the water for proper disposal. Depending on the construction of your home they then sanitize the walls, crawl space, or slab, making certain to find and remove all hidden pockets of water. If improper or damaged vapor barriers are present, they replace them to the industry standard. Air humidity and structural moisture are measured and monitored, with air movers or dehumidifiers placed to bring these levels down to recommended numbers. The dirty water increases the possibility of secondary microbial damage, so proper drying is mandatory to avoid mold build-up.
Restart the fountain or refill the pool only after SERVPRO’s recommendation concerning grading around the foundation and servicing of defective pumps and leaky pools are followed. Then vigilance is the key to preventing future flooding.
SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale knows it is hard to predict what damage to expect from outdoor water features and bad weather. We are available year round at (479) 419-5544 to troubleshoot unusual flooding issues.

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Mold Damage in Fayetteville Storage Facilities

5/19/2017 (Permalink)

Many people turn to using a storage unit at one or several times in their lives. Make sure that a mold infestation in your business does not spread.

Quick Action is Key to Preventing a Mold Infestation From Growing

In a college town, students take advantage of self-storage facilities to secure belongings between semesters or when they study abroad. This plan works well for the traveling scholars and is a great business opportunity for the owner of the storage company until mildew or mold infiltrates one or more units. SERVPRO has the experience to respond when microbial growth gets out of control and threatens your business.
Problems arise when water leaks inside or moisture otherwise raises the humidity level high enough to support commercial mold damage in your Fayetteville self-storage business. Your tenants often put their stored property out of their mind and rarely visit to inspect the areas rented. Mold needs no light to grow, so hidden pockets proliferate. Your offer to protect customers’ belongings is at risk if microbes grow unabated. When you discover mold in the storage common areas or rented rooms, your first step must include lining up a reliable remediation company.
SERVPRO trains its staff to follow proper EPA protocols when molds are an issue. When an inspection of your facility reveals mold contamination, quick but sure action is the only answer. Qualified restoration staff contain and remove mold, and then sanitize the area where mold grew. The interconnected storage units pose a challenge if a common HVAC system heats, cools, and clears the air. Well trained remediation staff choose to use air scrubbers with negative air pressure to keep the mold outbreak confined to just the one unit.
Mold remediation is incomplete if the source of water is ignored. Mold spores are always present, inside and out. They mature into mold colonies when moisture feeds them. The mold experts from SERVPRO took advanced classes to help find the water causing the problem. Flat roofs with clogged drains, cracked cinder block walls, high humidity, and flooding are just some of the things leading to mold growth. This mold remediation expert has dozens of practical suggestions to prevent future microbial growth based upon finding and securing leaks and other water incursions.
Sometimes unit tenants bring the wetness and mold risk into the storage area. SERVPRO works with you, offering tips to inspect the contents and advise customers to limit the mold growth you invite when you rent to careless lessees.
SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale guides your storage business through the stress of mold remediation. Call (479) 419-5544 to set up a consultation right away.

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Historic Homes in Fayetteville Raise the Risk of Fire Damage

5/15/2017 (Permalink)

Contact SERVPRO after fire damage in the bedroom of your historic home in order to get you sleeping in the room quickly after remediation.

SERVPRO can Assess BOTH to Prevent or to Remediate Your Property

Beautiful and elegant, homes in our area that are more than a century old bring the possibility of heightened fire risk because of antiquated electrical service. Grounding adapters used with or without extension cords make it easier to plug in electronics, but also expose your home to the possibility of fire. If a spark or overheated adapter start a blaze, SERVPRO helps with the cleanup.
Frustrated with few bedroom electrical outlets, you decided to use an adapted extension cord and power strip to charge your phone. The charger overheated, causing fire damage to your Fayetteville home when nearby bedding ignited. Fortunately, no injury resulted, but you need help dealing with the aftermath of the flames, smoke, and soot. Fire damage restoration is the heart of what we do, and our results prove this focus.
When fabrics catch fire, they often smolder, spreading thick smoke and a covering of sticky soot throughout your home. Even areas far from the actual fire suffer from a black coating and persistent odors. The SERVPRO fire restoration team inspect all interior spaces as the recovery plan develops. Careful attention to the different strategies taught to our technicians to best clean and restore a variety of materials and items add needed details.
Bed linens and clothing respond well to machine washing, taking care to limit the loads and rinse thoroughly. Curtains and wardrobe elements that are not washable profit from dry cleaning, although be sure the shop has experience with fire damage. Foam cleaning is a fine choice for upholstery. Solid surfaces like floors, dressers, and nightstands clean up using a spray and wipe technique. We offer carpet cleaning, definitely not a do-it-yourself option as the gritty and sometimes greasy residue from a fire requires skill to remove.
If you filter light with blinds HEPA vacuuming or immersion cleaning are both viable options. Walls need assessment to decide if dusting or vacuuming is enough, or if scrubbing is indicated. Painting freshens the look but is a choice only after proper cleaning. SERVPRO advises you if you take on some of the tasks like laundering or cleaning knick-knacks.
Smoky or other fire-related odors need professional deodorization. Air fresheners or other coverups are not a permanent solution. SERVPRO deodorization technicians analyze how the smells invaded your home and use methods designed to replicate their spread to eliminate them.
A bedroom fire restoration needs the expertise of SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale. Make the call to (479) 419-5544 immediately, so you soon again rest easy.

Arts District Relies On SERVPRO When Water Damage Threatens

4/27/2017 (Permalink)

Keep your store open after the storm with a quick call to SERVPRO. Your customers will thank you.

SERVPRO Has the Resources to Handle a Large Scale Disaster Recovery Effort in Fayetteville

Businesses in the West Dickson Street Commercial Historic District, need a trusted water damage restoration partner when disaster strikes. Unexpected weather patterns bring heavy rains that overwhelm the roofs, gutters, and drainage systems, exposing this vibrant neighborhood to the risk of significant water damage. SERVPRO provides fast and dependable aid to the business community when water invades.
When one storefront or restaurant struggles with commercial water damage in the Fayetteville arts and theater district, chances are good the trouble spreads to neighboring. Sharing common walls and sometimes foundations create opportunities for the torrential rains to damage several commercial enterprises during the same storm. Finding water disaster restoration contractors that understand how water travels once it infiltrates a building is a key to a successful outcome.
It is also critical that the businesses discover a recovery company that offers services of the scale needed when many buildings experience water damage. The nearly 1,800 franchises that make up the SERVPRO family nationwide work together when necessary in Disaster Recovery Teams to manage vast and complex natural disasters. This way your business need not line up and hope that help comes on time. The united front SERVPRO conjures is impressive in its size and competence.
Working together, with SERVPRO as a dedicated member of the team, your business and others survive water damage from storms that cannot be predicted or for which you and your employees can prepare. State of the art equipment, including powerful water extractors, submersible pumps, air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers, are in SERVPRO’s arsenal. More importantly, the technicians who operate these tools receive industry leading training and refresher courses throughout their employment. They understand how to assess a water damage scene and what steps to take to abate the harm.
SERVPRO also appreciates that businesses need to provide services and products reliably to their customers. Even during the time the restoration happens, endeavors that remain open and offering at least a basic level of commerce fare better than stores, theaters, and restaurants that choose to close down. Containment of the damage by a top-notch restoration contractor combined with a swift and sure response avoids ruin and ensures you are ready to thrive despite any setback.
SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale awaits your call, ready to put the pieces of your business back together after water damage. Operators are available 24/7 at (479) 419-5544.

A Trusted And Proven Fire Damage Company for Fayetteville

4/13/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Secures and Cleans Up Your Fire Damaged Fayetteville Home

Rely on SERVPRO for Total Restoration and Cleaning After a Fire

When fire blazes within a home the last thing a person needs is to waste time figuring out the best fire restoration company near me. Even though you never want to make use of this information, know that the answer to that question is SERVPRO, the company you need as your partner every step of the way toward complete recovery.
Rather than wondering, hit the ground running when fire damages your Fayetteville home. Making certain that SERVPRO staff arrive to help you sort out matters is as simple as a phone call. Professional yet compassionate office staff ensure a full complement of trained and certified technicians are on their way, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Each customer receives undivided attention from both on-site technicians and well-connected management who guide you through the red tape of insurance claims and local ordinances.
SERVPRO pledges to restore your home back to preloss condition quickly and professionally. As much as possible, depending on the facts of each situation, the emphasis is to allow you and your family to remain in the home as restoration proceeds. The stress of a move-out exacerbates the fear caused by the fire and makes the homeowner feel out of control. Extra expenses can be prohibitive with the challenges your family already endures, and there is no certainty your insurance coverage is adequate.
You and your family experience the least discomfort possible if SERVPRO and you determine you can remain in your home. The staff assigned to your dwelling is capable of constructing practical and useful barriers, securing your temporarily limited living area away from the work proceeding to restore damaged areas of the house. Even in cases where there was significant damage done to the room or wing where the fire started, the equipment, training, and experience of this industry-leading company allow for safe zones within other areas of your home. The use of air scrubbers and the staff’s familiarity with HVAC issues means air quality remains appropriate in temporary living areas during the technicians’ work.
A garage or other outbuilding available to stage items awaiting cleaning and repair helps the team immensely. SERVPRO always collaborates with you (and your insurance adjuster) to create a complete inventory of moved items, so your home easily returns to its preloss condition as the technicians perform the final touches without the loss of possessions.
What SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale strives to deliver is your satisfaction. The relief you feel when your entire house returns to you “Like it never even happened” makes the restoration process worth every step. Make the call to (479) 419-5544.

Flood Damage Can Include More Than Water-Related Problems In Johnson

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Until you have been face-to-face with the damage flood can cause it can be difficult to understand how extensive the damage can be.

Flood Damage

Until you have been face-to-face with the damage flood can cause it can be difficult to understand how extensive the damage can be. Damages also include what the flood carried in with it, as well as household furnishings that were damaged by the increased humidity levels in higher areas of the home.

Johnson residents who have flood damage in their homes also need to be aware of corrosion of metal items, possible mold growth, and security issues with swollen windows on second story floors. When SERVPRO deals with a home that has had a flooding disaster, we address not only the standing water but every facet of flood damage.

Contamination of both biological and chemical elements need to be addressed and eliminated. Carpeting needs to be pulled up so the padding below can be removed. Floors need time to dry thoroughly before padding and carpeting can be relaid. Destroyed materials must be properly inventoried and then disposed of in an approved manner. Wall materials must be torn out and replaced where they have been saturated and then repainted in their entirety.

After visible damage from a flood has been eliminated through remediation efforts, mold inhibitors are applied where needed to prevent mold from growing. Mold inhibitors are also useful in preventing bacterial growth. Ensuring that clothing is completely dry before removing from the dryer is even more important after a flood, as damp clothing is especially vulnerable to infestations of mold and mildew.

Air blowers used in conjunction with heaters, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers eliminate not only latent moisture but also any mold spores or other microscopic particles in the air. Cleaning in any area can dislodge particles that were otherwise fixed in their location and send them into the air. Air scrubbers and vacuums with HEPA-grade filters collect and prevent them from spreading.

Before food damage can increase in your home after a water disaster, call the experienced professionals of SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale, at (479) 419-5544. We are always available and can bring your home to pre-flood condition quicker than you might think possible.

Prevent Mold Damage To Your Fayetteville Home

3/27/2017 (Permalink)

Drying damp areas immediately helps to prevent mold growth.

Mold Damage Prevention

Homeowners in Arkansas know that mold is an unwelcome house guest. Mold in your home looks unsightly but worse than that it damages your belongings and the structure of your home, and might cause health effects. That is why it is important to act on the first sign of mold damage.

SERVPRO is here to help with mold damage to your Fayetteville home. Our IICRC certified technicians have the equipment and know how to carry out effective mold remediation. We quickly assess the extent of the mold damage, seal off the contaminated area, and get to work cleaning every surface. We understand that every mold damaged surface requires an individual approach to cleaning. We use powerful HEPA vacuums to get rid of loose mold spores, sanding and damp wiping to clean up semi-porous materials, and the correct cleaning compounds for smooth surfaces.

Our aim is to mitigate mold damage and reduce the presence of mold for a nicer environment for you and your family. There are also various things you can do to prevent mold from occurring:

Check For Problem Areas
Be aware of the problem areas in your home. If your basement or laundry is susceptible to mold, start there. Do your best to waterproof problem areas and always keep an eye on them to check for new colonies.

Dry Clothes Properly
Damp clothes are a leading cause of mold in the home. Never leave damp clothes lying around – hang out to dry or use a tumble drier. If you must dry your clothes indoors, use a well-ventilated area.

Keep The Humidity Down
Humidity is a key factor in mold growth. Buy a simple humidity detector from your local hardware store and look out for condensation in your home, as it is a sign of raised humidity. Use dehumidifiers to keep the humidity down.

Dry Damp Areas Immediately
There are lots of causes of damp areas in your home. They include humidity, damp clothes, condensation, seepage from outside, and damage due to a flood or burst pipe. Drying damp areas immediately helps to prevent mold growth.

Ventilate Your Home
Good ventilation keeps air moving and makes it harder for mold to grow. Open your doors and windows regularly. Open your closets to let air circulate. Move your furniture away from the walls.

Call SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale today for assistance with mold remediation. Contact us on (479) 419-5544 for the help you need.

Water Removal Protects Fayetteville Homes from Secondary Water Damage

3/3/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Uses Industry Leading Equipment for Water Removal in Fayetteville

SERVPRO Utilizes Many Pieces of Equipment for the Extraction of Water in Fayetteville Properties

Secondary water damage can affect many things in your home. Removing the water and the humidity in the air can reduce or even eliminate much of the risk of this type of damage. However, the process of removing water needs to begin as soon as you know there is a water emergency.

In Fayetteville homes, SERVPRO tailors water removal services to the specific requirements of the home involved. For significant amounts of water that results in interior flooding, including the basement, we use trucks that quickly pump standing water out. When there is less water remaining because of our earlier efforts, or the emergency involves less water, to begin with, we use small portable water extraction units.

When we have removed enough water that your home is only damp, we continue reducing the amount of moisture in your home with additional methods. Some types of secondary water damage can be prevented from occurring with these techniques. Such damage can include substantially increased microbial growth, cracking and splitting of wood furniture, and deterioration of your home's walls and foundation.

Fans are not adequate in creating the required amount of airflow, so we use larger, more powerful air movers. As these blow air around the interior of your home, the air absorbs the moisture still present. Because this moisture needs to be removed, and not just evaporated into the air, dehumidifiers are also used in conjunction with the air movers. Large axial box fans are also useful to large volumes of air movement.

Sometimes, when the air is cooler, we also use heaters to raise the indoor temperature. Refrigerated dehumidifiers require an ambient temperature of at least 70 degrees to extract moisture from the air effectively. Some situations, involving contaminated water, require that air scrubbers be used. When foul odors are present, an ozone-producing unit or hydroxyl generator is always a good choice to add to the equipment used.

SERVPRO water extraction procedures remove the water and the risks of secondary water damage, making everything “Like it never even happened.” Call us, SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale, 24/7, at (479) 419-5544.

Water Removal Process in Johnson

2/8/2017 (Permalink)

Don't let water damage continue to linger in your home. Call SERVPRO to remediate ASAP.

SERVPRO Technicians are Trained to Follow High Standards When Dealing with Water Damage Remediation

Flood waters, regardless of the source, can destroy some personal property in less than an hour; cloth (curtains and furniture fabrics) and paper (books and personal documents) are particularly vulnerable. In less than a day, even some building materials can be so compromised that they have to be removed and disposed of.

The city of Johnson is blessed with an abundance of water sources, but those same sources also make water removal after a flood into an ongoing concern. Every SERVPRO employee is trained to the industry standards of the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Removal includes training on the pumps and generators that we use to remove the water, how to determine which ones are needed to do so as quickly as possible, and identify which areas could be a problem in every home we go into. 

Removing standing water is only the first step in the process of restoring your home to its pre-flood state. Before any technician sets up a pump, we also make sure they are trained to IICRC standards in the following:

Applied Structural Drying - This involves drying floors and walls that have been under water. Each technician is trained to use moisture monitoring equipment, water extractors, industrial heaters, and air movers to accomplish it.

Carpet Cleaning - Restoration team members are taught to identify fabrics that can be cleaned and the special techniques required for each type. They also are trained to use the cleaning chemicals in our inventory and how to use them in a safe manner, conforming to state and federal regulations.

Fabric and Upholstery Cleaning - This involves fiber and cloth identification. Each type has special cleaning requirements to stop color bleeding from furniture and drapes and prevent distortion and shrinking after being soaked in standing water for an extended period of time.

General Water Damage - This course covers the various kinds of water damage and the effects they have on building materials and personal property.

Odor Control - Technicians are trained to identify the source of different odors caused by water and mold damage. Once accomplished, they are taught to use the deodorization cleaners and anti-microbial foggers we have to remove them.

Dealing with flooding is always a stressful situation. It doesn't have to be an expensive one if you quickly bring in a professional to begin restoring your home and property. SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale is ready to help with this or any other type of disaster. Call us at (479) 419-5544 for an inspection or to get started today.

Identifying & Removing Conditions That Lead To Mold Damage In Your Fayetteville Home

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Fayetteville Cleanup from a Mold Infestation, Be Safe, Call SERVPRO

Advice from SERVPRO:  Do Not Ignore Signs of Mold in Fayetteville

Having mold develop in your kitchen, under your sink, behind an appliance or around your kitchen window is entirely possible if the proper steps are not taken to maintain a mold-free environment within your living space.

Working with a mold damage restoration company near your home in Fayetteville provides you with access to the professional services you need when the repairs become more than you can handle. However, this relationship can also provide you with the knowledge you need to limit or even prevent additional losses that you experience.
A quality restoration company like SERVPRO does more than simply offer you the mold remediation and cleaning services that are required to return your home to a quality preloss condition. Our technicians take the time to explain what happened, why it happened, and what you can do to prevent the situation from happening in the future.
Although each situation that our technicians at SERVPRO handle require specific services to provide a solution, the circumstances that allow mold spores to flourish in your home remain the same. Therefore, we can help you identify a variety of situations that you want to address immediately, to prevent mold growth from forming in your home.
Remember, water does not belong under your sink, on your floor, countertops, or in your cabinets. Whenever you spill water, have a plumbing leak, or find excessive condensation forming while operating a specific appliance, you need to act quickly. It only takes 24 to 48-hours for mold to begin spreading, so, you need to handle these situations immediately.
Have a leaky faucet? Water may be slowly penetrating the drywall behind your sink; this is where the services we offer at SERVPRO come in handy. We have access to detection equipment that helps us locate hidden contamination before the damage becomes excessive.
Moisture or water accumulating under your kitchen sink accompanied by a musty odor means that you likely have mold growth forming, even if it is not visible yet and you should contact a professional company for assistance. Attempting to inspect the situation further or trying to perform the remediation services yourself, most often ends up causing more damage or spreads the contamination further.
When you have questions or need professional assistance, contact SERVPRO of Fayetteville - Springdale immediately. We are here to help. (479) 419-5544

Fayetteville Homes Get The Flood Damage Services They Need

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Flash Flooding and Water Damage in Fayetteville Get Help from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Offers a Full Menu of Expertise and Equipment for Flood Damage Restoration

During major events, such as Hurricane Matthew, that we experienced towards the end of the year left many families dislodged, entire families living in small hotel rooms for extended periods. Tornadoes and storms in the Midwest also contribute to family displacements.
With the assistance of a proper insurance policy and expertly trained professional flood damage restoration staff, Fayetteville homeowners can get back home quickly. Getting the help you need is only a phone call away.
SERVPRO technicians respond within four hours of your initial call and begin work immediately. After performing a full assessment of your property, we'll explain which services we plan to use and fully address any concerns you have about the restoration process.
Our evaluation includes locating and repairing the source of moisture causing the issue, identifying the type of water involved in the situation, determining the extent of water damages to the property and moving or blocking furniture as necessary to avoid staining on your carpet.
After our inspection, SERVPRO begins a move-out service to protect your personal belongings from additional damages. Then goes to work using various equipment to remove any standing water that exists. Wet-Dry Vacuums, hand-held, and truck mounted water extractors are all at our disposal, the amount of water involved in your situation determines which one we use.
We thoroughly inspect your carpet and pad to see if they should be removed to protect the subfloor. The padding underneath often requires replacement after a flood. Using Moisture detectors, hygrometers, and other equipment to measure the extent of saturation of the affected area. Infrared cameras can detect hidden water pockets behind walls and ceilings, while submersible pumps allow us the ability to remove standing water more than two inches thick.
SERVPRO technicians then begin our drying and dehumidification process that includes using the proper equipment to measure the temperature and relative humidity within the affected area to determine the optimal number of air movers and dehumidifiers required to dry your home properly.
Using industrial-grade dehumidifiers prevents additional damages from forming, such as swelling and warping of floors, walls, and furniture. Our air movers create a constant flow of air to accelerate the moisture evaporation process.
With the moisture levels under control, our cleaning and sanitization technicians go to work. By providing dry, wet, spray and wipe, foam, abrasive and immersion cleaning methods to fully restore contents exposed in your home. We also utilize the proper odor removal, deodorization, and sanitation services to help restore your property to a quality preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."
Give SERVPRO of Fayetteville - Springdale a call now. (479) 419-5544

Mold Remediation to a Home in Springdale

12/30/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation in Springdale Is Solved by SERVPRO

SERVPRO Provides the Solutions to Mold Infestations

There is no hype about mold and there's no 'dealing with it' either. Mold growth has the potential to destroy homes and even cause health problems; sometimes severe. It must be aggressively sought out and destroyed.

Mold damage in a Springdale home can cause thousands of dollars in replacement and restoration costs if not quickly discovered. If it has spread past a safe level determined by the state of Arkansas, then all occupants have to leave until that level has been returned to normal. SERVPRO has decades of experience in cleaning and removing mold growth from hundreds of homes and can do the same for you.

Once you've determined (or suspect) that you have a mold problem, the first item our inspectors will look for is excess moisture. Mold can grow in warm or cold temperatures, but without a high enough level of moisture, it's just some dry, microscopic spores waiting to be vacuumed up and properly eliminated.

Our SERVPRO technicians have several options to reduce moisture levels. If standing water is discovered, a pump will be used to remove it. If there is no visible source of water, but testing equipment shows that floors and walls are wetted or damp, then members of our response team will deploy space heaters to raise the temperature. As this happens, dehumidifiers are placed to draw the moisture from the surrounding building material and furniture. If needed, exhaust fans will also be used to blow moist air (and loose mold spores) out of your home.

As the moisture levels are being lowered, the building material in the affected area will be examined. If mold has already found its way into drywall panels, they will need to be removed and replaced. In a few cases, the infected material can be cut away, but since drywall is such a good food source for mold growth, we firmly recommend removing all mold damaged sections. This same recommendation applies to other wall coverings and many types of carpets and ceiling tiles as well.

The goal with this rapid response is to get you back into your home as fast as we safely can. A mold infestation can be a true mess for a home owner or a renter, but our job here at SERVPRO of Fayetteville/Springdale is to make it as painless as possible. If you believe you have an issue with mold or other damage, call us today at (479) 419-5544 so we can help you get the process started.

Fayetteville Commercial Water Removal

12/30/2016 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO to Keep Your Fayetteville Business High and Dry

Rely on SERVPRO to Extract Water and Mitigate Damages to Your Business

Damage to your business doesn't require hundreds of gallons of water rushing in all at once. Many problems can result from just an inch or two that soaks into carpets, walls and furniture. Even this small amount of water can cost a huge amount loss regarding cleaning and replacing property.

Handling commercial water damage in Fayetteville is more time consuming and difficult than just removing water from a private home. Commercial buildings are much larger and use a wider number of different building materials. Fortunately, SERVPRO has the training, equipment and experience to handle these structures as well.

Take a showroom floor in a furniture store for example. Hundreds of square feet of floor space that needs to be pumped out if there is standing water. This task would take an hour or two in most homes, but it's an all day job in this situation.

When the majority of the water has been removed, technicians need to draw out excess moisture from the surrounding air. In a home, this task can be accomplished with a few exhaust fans. For a large structure, commercial air movers have to be put in place throughout the area to maintain a steady airflow with fans set up to blow the moist air out of the facility. In large commercial loss situations, we can truck in desiccant and refrigerated dehumidifiers. If the air is exceptionally humid, then they will also deploy large dehumidifiers capable of drawing out over 30 gallons of water daily to assist.

As this happens, other technicians examine the carpets and other flooring for remaining water. In a home, a single wet vacuum can draw out the water from most carpets and the pad underneath in an afternoon if they haven't been overly saturated. Large, commercial, water extractors are needed for rooms with extensive square feet. This process can take all day and require several SERVPRO team members working in tandem to complete the job.

The size of most commercial structures means that a rapid response is needed even more than with a private home. This is why SERVPRO of Fayetteville/Springdale maintains a 24-hour response team trained to help you get your doors opened and taking care of your customers as fast as we can. To get everything started, call us at (479) 419-5544.

Water Damage to Your Johnson Property Has Many Causes

12/30/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Says Do Not Let Water Damage to Your Johnson Property Ruin Your New Year

Rain, Ice Dams, Leaky Pipes, and Broken Drains Can Lead to Water Damage

Flooding from overflowing creeks and streams can destroy a home in under a day. Even if the damage isn't immediate and obvious, just a few inches of standing water can cause thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs if it isn't removed quickly and efficiently. Typically, rainwater or a broken water line causes less water damage. With the recent freeze burst water pipes and ice damming are two very relevant and real factors that may cause water damage.

It's not likely that your home is going to flood, but water removal in your Johnson home can be a necessity at some point in time. SERVPRO has the experience and equipment needed to accomplish it quickly and efficiently.

Our response team can start with one or more pumps. The size and number will depend on the amount of water present and the size and type of your home. For example, a duplex will require at least two pumps even of there is only an inch of standing water. A single family home may require a single extractor. But a large capacity pump is not always needed.

After the extraction of pooling water, our SERVPRO technicians will deploy specialized vacuums that extract water from carpet fibers and the cracks between floorboards without damaging them. We have special large surface area pads called suction mats for this purpose. If done quickly enough, these extractors can draw water from the pads underneath carpets to restore them as well. This process also serves to prevent floorboards from warping due to extensive submersion in water.

While extraction from your floors is being accomplished, other team members will place air movers in key areas to help draw water out of the surrounding walls. It may also be necessary to set up heaters and dehumidifiers to extract water from drywall before it is compromised and has to be replaced. Besides the physical damage, extracting the water will also help prevent the expansion and growth of mold. Water soaked drywall is a perfect food source for mold spores.

It may be dry now, even with the freeze. If you want to get ahead of the next rain or ice, call us today for an inspection to see where we can help you prevent or lessen the effects of water damage. When you do have water in your home, call us at, SERVPRO of Fayetteville/Springdale at(479) 419-5544 to mitigate losses "Like it never even happened."

Even A Minor Fire Can Affect The HVAC System In Your Johnson Home

12/30/2016 (Permalink)

Smoky Odors in Your Johnson Home Need the Help of SERVPRO

SERVPRO Remediates Odors After a House Fire

During the aftermath of a minor kitchen fire, you managed yourself you may be surprised at how many of the utility and mechanical systems in your dwelling can be affected. Even in areas of the structure that were far from the actual blaze homeowners can report lingering smoke smell and dirty, sooty residue on furnishings, flooring and in the air. The culprit moving the fire debris throughout your home is likely your HVAC system, both heating and cooling ducts equipped with powerful fans that are meant to control the climate inside your home for your and your family’s comfort. If the fire occurred during a time of the when neither heating nor cooling systems were regularly operating, you might not realize that smoky particulates entered through vents and are now being distributed through your home as you turn the heat on. SERVPRO can help control this unfortunate byproduct of an earlier fire with a professional HVAC inspection, evaluation, and cleaning.

During the fire that ignited in your Johnson kitchen you were most concerned about putting out the blaze quickly, perhaps with a well-positioned fire extinguisher, and getting your household back to normal. If you chose to go it on your own secondary damage could be missed. When we respond to your call, our IICRC trained SERVPRO technicians will inspect both the area where the fire started and the rest of the building, paying particular attention to any area where you report smelling smoke or noticing greasy soot and ash. A critical part of our inspection will be to evaluate the forced air heating and cooling ductwork, potential hiding places for the compounds that were sent airborne during your fire. During temperate weather, the system may have been off, but our technicians will look for evidence that air pressure or magnetism or ionization within the ductwork sucked or otherwise attracted smoky particles.

Once we take a close look at the conditions within your heating and cooling systems, our team will plan how to remediate the smell and the gritty, sticky dust that has now invaded your home. SERVPRO technicians are highly trained, well prepared to make decisions on whether a thorough cleaning will take care of the issues or if other approaches are needed. Our crews will determine if any components of the system are damaged and need to be replaced because of the fire damage. In cases where a comprehensive cleaning of the ducts is impractical duct sealing may be recommended, possibly paired with a thermal fogging for deodorizing purposes. Any steps taken to restore the proper operation of your HVAC system will include protection of household contents and perhaps a temporary evacuation of you and your family until any chemical treatments are complete and healthy air quality is restored.

Call us at (479) 419-5544 to respond to your concerns of collateral damage after a kitchen fire. SERVPRO of Fayetteville / Springdale stands ready to solve your smoky smell and sooty residue problems.


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